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Will Ubuntu for Mobiles Succeed Where All Else Have Failed?

Last night, London-based makers of popular Linux OS Ubuntu, Canonical, unleashed a mobile version of Ubuntu which also provides options to dock and give you a desktop experience. Even if it ultimately doesn't work, this is an important innovation because phone/desktop hybrids are quite possibly where the future of computing lies -- one device to rule them all, one device to--oh, you get the idea. Read More >>

Google’s Android 5.0 “Jelly Bean” to Feature Laptop Docking Options

Forensic detective work conducted on last week's Android 5.0 news has come to the conclusion that Google may be planning to integrate a laptop docking system and dual OS versions within its next Android release. Read More >>

Motorola ATRIX 2: Bigger, Marginally Better

Motorola has officially revealed the ATRIX 2, which increases the Android phone's screen to a huge 4.3" display running at the qHD resolution of 960x540. But that's about the only major change. Read More >>