BT Offers to Protect You and Your Loved Ones From Drone Attack

A press release from the year 2047 has somehow appeared on the BT web site of today, in which the telecoms network offers businesses assured protection from the threat of drone assault. Read More >>

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Hungry Mountain Lion Mauls Deer on a Family’s Porch

Don’t fuck with a mountain lion. Sadly, a small deer in Southern San Francisco learned that lesson the hard way when its neck was snapped on a family’s porch. Read More >>

Disaster Strikes as (Pretend) Terrorists Launch (Pretend) Attack on Nuclear Power Stations

The UK and US are teaming up to launch a big anti-terror attack simulation, working together to formulate an exercise in which our nuclear power stations come under a cyber-attack from people putting on North Korean accents and wearing black hooded tops. Read More >>

Met Police Plan Fantastical Eagles Vs Drones Sky Battles

London's Met Police are not immune to viral internet videos, with that superb Dutch test of living anti-drone tech reaching the offices of force commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe. He says London might one day use a similar system, should trials prove a success. Read More >>

This Map Shows the DDoS Attacks Happening Across the World Right Now

Yesterday, Google announced Project Shield, a suite of free tools to help small websites stay online during DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks. To accompany it, Google has also made available a live map of DDoS attacks which shows when and where they're happening. Read More >>

This Guy Got Swallowed By a Hippo and Survived

Look, a lot of people have crazy life stories to tell. They bought a used car formerly owned by Bob Saget or they were on a camping trip, peeing behind a tree when a bear walked by. Quality stories all. But this South African tour guide was, and I can't emphasise this enough, actually in the mouth of a hippopotamus. So, yeah. Read More >>

Take a Look at China’s New Attack Helicopter

The Chinese continue to upgrade their military to new levels. This is their new attack helicopter, the Z-19, a two-seater painted in badass black that looks a lot like the Eurocopter Dauphin. Read More >>