Attenborough to Address the Nation on Climate Change Tonight

David Attenborough and a variety of scientists from around the world are to address the nation on the issue of climate change tonight, as the BBC prepares to take ownership of the debate around the menace formerly known as global warming and make everyone believe it's real via a programme it calls Climate Change – The Facts. Attenborough's doing it. It's serious. You'll want the Blu-ray of it. Read More >>

Attenborough May Have Saved the Sea With Plastic Horror Stories

The people of the UK have taken heed of the sad stories of seals with beer can things around their necks and whales that have got confused and eaten bin liners they thought were jellyfish, and we are, as a nation, making personal efforts to reduce the amount of plastic we lick out the salty contents of, then bin or flush down the toilet, each day. Read More >>

YouGov Declares David Attenborough to be Britain’s Favourite Person

As I write this the Bank of England has been asking for suggestions on who should be on the new £50 note. They want the person to be a) a scientists, and b) dead, which is a shame. If they bent that second rule just a little bit then David Attenborough would be a dead certainty. Everyone loves Attenborough, and it's zero surprise than a new YouGov poll found that he's the most popular person in Britain. Read More >>

David Attenborough Could be Breaking Out the Big Socks for Frozen Planet II

Sir David Attenborough might be about to front another big-budget BBC wildlife sequel on top of recent smash revivals Planet Earth II and Blue Planet II, with a production job posting from the corporation's Natural History Unit asking for someone with a keen interest in cold things to help reveal "...the wonder and majesty of the frozen third of our planet." Read More >>

David Attenborough Still Isn’t Bored of Penguins

David Attenborough is once again set to bang on about penguins and lions for the BBC, suggesting that he thinks people haven't been paying attention to anything he's said for the last 60 years or so and needs to do it all again. Perhaps shouting this time or in VR. Read More >>

Attenborough Steps in Over Bear Grylls’s Blood Lust

David Attenborough, the naturally selected king of all humans, has criticised his fellow TV presented Bear Grylls, claiming that Grylls and his team routinely slaughter animals simply because it makes good TV. Read More >>

Another Dead Old Thing Named After Sir David Attenborough

It won't be long until all the creatures that ever existed are named after the BBC's legendary wildlife expert, as he's just bagged another one — a damselfly that lived around 100 million years ago. Read More >>

Sir David Attenborough Comes To PlayStation VR

There are three new "experiences" available from today for PlayStation Virtual Reality: David Attenborough's First Life VR, Cocos: Shark Island and Atomic Ghost Fleet. Read More >>

David Attenborough Laments Mankind’s Solar Failures

David Attenborough is there and thereabouts at the Paris climate talks, using the focus of the world's media to get his point across. His point being that we should be investing in making solar power better and more efficient, rather than relying on carbon deposits older than the man himself. Read More >>

Sir David Attenborough Hopes the BBC is “Protected” From Politicised Destruction

Sir David Attenborough has added his famous, silky, warm, fatherly and comforting voice to the ongoing conversation covering What To Do About The BBC?, attempting to brush off the current debate by saying that our political leaders have always tried to "...change the BBC to suit their own purposes." Read More >>

Sir David Attenborough Wheeled Out to Promote VR

Samsung, the Natural History Museum and the planet's biggest wildlife enthusiast have come together to make sitting in a room with a screen stuck on your face appear glamorous and educational, launching the David Attenborough's First Life VR playset to thrill visitors to the NHM. Read More >>

Holy Shit, a New David Attenborough Documentary is Coming to Oculus Rift

Facebook buying Oculus Rift was seen by some people as a huge blow to the future of the system, but now we have some news which'll make the odd virtual reality privacy intrusion worth its while: An upcoming David Attenborough documentary is being filmed specifically for the Oculus Rift. Read More >>

Wildlife Photography Supergrass Claims the BBC Fakes Most Baby Mammal Shots

Those cute wildlife documentary images of baby things nestling up to their mummies are likely to be faked, according to a former BBC photographer, who claims the majority of shots of extremely young mammals are filmed in sets, zoos, and custom enclosures, then spliced in with real-world outdoor footage. Read More >>

David Attenborough Foresees an Apocalypse, Claiming “Things Are Going to Get Worse” for Humans

Renowned nature enthusiast Sir David Attenborough thinks we're enjoying the best days of humanity, suggesting that population explosion and other factors may mean our descendants will envy the good times us lot had trashing the planet. Read More >>