Garfield Cartoonist Jim Davis is Putting 30 Years of Strips Up for Auction

Garfield, the daily comic strip about a cat who does nothing and believes in nothing, has been going on for more than 40 years. Now, the first three decades and change of strips, from the beginning of the orange cat’s lasagne fetishist ways in 1978 all the way to 2011, are going up for sale in a series of weekly auctions. Read More >>

Last Factory Saab Auctioned Off For Environmental Charity

A 2014 Saab 9-3 Aero is in the news today, and not because its 82-year-old driver lost control of it outside a Safeway damaging several shopping trolleys. It's news that the last petrol-driven model to emerge from the former Saab factory is to be put up for auction, after sitting in storage for five years with just 40 miles on the clock. Read More >>

A Bunch of Props From the Power Rangers Movie are Going to Be Up for Auction Soon

If you’ve ever wanted to be a teen with attitude, now’s the time. Read More >>

Original Art From Deadpool’s First Appearance Is Up for Auction

In 1991, Deadpool premiered in New Mutants #98, drawn by Rob Liefeld. Now, art from that landmark comic book is up for auction, and it can be yours if you’re willing to shell out the cash. Read More >>

Buy the Baggage Carousel of Your Dreams in Heathrow’s Terminal 1 Auction

Heathrow is preparing a once in a lifetime sale of staggering historical travel artefacts, with an auction of the entire contents of the abandoned Terminal 1 building about to start. And yes, you really can have a baggage carousel that still works. Read More >>

Steve Jobs’ Half-Assed Job Application Sells for £125,000

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs is remembered today as a genius renaissance man, but he was once just a dirtbag kid who was bad at filling out job applications. One application, from 1973, just sold for $174,757 (£125,337). Along with other Jobs-related items, the application far exceeded its estimate. Read More >>

Someone Spent £340 Million on a Possibly Inauthentic da Vinci Painting 

On Wednesday, auction records were shattered when an anonymous buyer spent $450.3 million (£339.8 million) to be the proud owner of a “long lost” painting “by” Leonardo da Vinci. The thing is, it may not have even been painted by Leonardo, it’s in terrible shape, it’s not especially good, and in the financial world of art, none of that matters. Read More >>

There’s Never Been A Better Time To Buy Heathrow Terminal 1

Heathrow Terminal 1 closed in June 2015 after 47 years of service. It has sat empty and unloved ever since, full of working equipment and just poised, waiting to accept a passenger once again. But now, the dream is over for poor Terminal 1; its contents will soon be sold to the highest bidder and eventually the shell will be pulled down and replaced with a larger Terminal 2. Read More >>

Famous Meteorite That Nailed a Person Has Finally Been Sold

The only thing worse than getting struck by lightning or a large, flying bird is getting struck by a meteorite. Thankfully, the changes of this happening to you are incredibly low—according to National Geographic, there is only one confirmed case of a meteorite striking a person. So perhaps it’s no surprise that the offending space rock, called “Sylacauga,” just sold today for one hell of a price tag. Read More >>

A Holy Grail of Personal Computing Hits the Auction Block

Later this month, one of the rarest specimens of hardware history will go up for auction: a working Apple-1. While most will people will never be able to afford to bid on it, this is a great opportunity to look at this beautifully ragtag machine before it disappears into someone’s collection. Read More >>

90-Year-Old Mould Sold for Almost £12k

The idea that a bit of gross mould would be worth $14,617 (£11,888.57) seems absurd until you realise it may be the most important mould to that was ever grown. Read More >>

The Third Nikon Camera Ever Built Just Sold For £320,000 in Auction

Photographers are some of the most extreme brand loyalists out there, and it was proven once again when one of the oldest Nikon cameras in existence sold for £320,000 at an auction in Austria. Read More >>

A Tonne of Classic Macs Are Going Up for Auction

Tekserve, known as the “original Apple Store” and a technology icon in NYC for 29 years, sadly closed up shop this week. And in traditional “everything must go” style, is putting its gigantic collection of Macs up for auction. Read More >>

boxes that boom
This Incredible Collection of 400 Vintage Boomboxes Is Up For Sale

If you happen to be in the market for 400 vintage boomboxes, then it’s your lucky day. Craig Kenton, a New Zealander who’s collected boomboxes for fifteen years is auctioning off his entire collection, and it’s huge. Read More >>

Someone Bought Einstein’s Smelly Leather Jacket for Over £100,000

Christie’s has auctioned off the well-worn leather jacket of Albert Einstein. You may know him as the Nobel Prize-winning mathematician who figured out the essence of the universe almost a full century before science could prove him right. But he also had great fashion sense. Read More >>