German Enigma Machine Found at Flea Market Fetches Nearly £40,000 at Auction

A professor of cryptology has auctioned off a rare and fully-functional Enigma machine used by the Nazis to encrypt messages during the Second World War. Incredibly, the collector found the machine at a flea market in Bucharest—which suggests Romania may house other machines still waiting to be discovered. Read More >>

You Can Own the Original ‘Just Two Years Away’ Flying Car for £3.86 Million

After spending 40 years and unspeakable amounts of investor money to make his dream a reality, Paul Moller’s flying car is finally available for purchase. But because flying cars are perpetually “just two years away,” Moller is actually auctioning off his original prototype, not a production model. Read More >>

Buy These World War II Spy Gadgets But Don’t Tell Anyone

Everybody’s wondered what it would be like to be James Bond. Not the womanising or the killing or the endangering national security parts, of course. No, Gizmodo readers, it’s all about the gadgets, and today’s your lucky day. Read More >>

Who Will Pay £240,000 for Hitler’s Bunker Phone?

If you have hundreds of thousands of dollars and are extremely creepy, you can now buy a one-of-a-kind piece of history: Adolf Hitler’s personal telephone. Read More >>

This Dodo Skeleton Just Sold for Nearly £350,000

At an auction held earlier yesterday in the United Kingdom, a 95-per-cent-complete skeleton of an extinct dodo bird that was painstakingly assembled over the course of 40 years has sold to an unnamed private collector for a whopping £346,300. Read More >>

Steve Jobs’s Old Stuff is Up for Auction (Including One Very Special Turtleneck) 

A bunch of old shit that used to belong to Steve Jobs is going up for auction later this month. Read More >>

Rare Nazi Enigma Machine Smashes Record at Auction

An exceptionally rare and fully-functional Nazi Enigma M4 enciphering machine used during the Second World War has sold for a whopping $365,000 /£237,671, setting a new world record at auction. Read More >>

One-Off Maserati Boomerang Goes to Auction This September

An amazing collection of rare cars is set to be auctioned this September, with the highlight being this Maserati Boomerang -- a one-off prototype that's still road legal. Read More >>

You Can Bid on Silk Road Boss Ross Ulbricht’s Multi-Million Bitcoin Stash

If you've always wanted to dabble in cryptocurrency speculation but you were just waiting until you could acquire some Bitcoin that you knew was FOR SURE used in digital drug deals, I have some good news for you: the United States Marshals Service is auctioning off 50,000 Bitcoin seized from Ross Ulbricht's personal computer. Read More >>

Latest Apple I Auction Expected to Make Around £300,000

Another Apple I is about to go on sale, with early hardware handmade by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak set to change hands next week. Auction house Bonhams expects to get between $300,000 and $500,000 for the machine, which was successfully booted in August and used to be the toy of Mac enthusiast John Anderson. [Bonhams via The Register] Read More >>

star wars
Original Star Wars Storyboards Show Iconic Scenes Before the Big Screen

Luke wasn't always a Skywalker: the original title of A New Hope was The Adventures of Luke Starkiller as taken from the 'Journal of the Whills'. A signed early-edition of that script is part of a cool selection of Star Wars memorabilia up for auction, including storyboard sketches and concept art. Read More >>

You Can Buy This Window From the Manhattan Project for a Small Fortune

Bonhams auction house is gearing up for a big "History of Science" sale on October 22. Among the many intriguing lots is a slab of unique glass used during one of the darkest scientific pursuits the world has ever embarked upon: The Manhattan Project. But don't worry. It's not radioactive. Read More >>

Original Superman Comic Set to Hit eBay With £1.5m Expected Price

Comic book fans with investment banker dads might want to hit up eBay in early August, as the auction site will be hosting the sale of an original copy of Action Comics #1 -- the 1938 issue in which Superman made his first appearance. Read More >>

Posh Auction House Sotheby’s to Stream Auctions through eBay

A new "live" auction section of eBay is launching this autumn, initially starring a selection of arty super-collectibles from traditional auction house Sotheby's. Read More >>

The Future of Apple Computing Was Almost Turned Sideways

The sky is blue, water is wet, and the digital world is orientated in landscape view. But almost 30 years ago, that last truth wasn't exactly self-evident. Back then, Apple and others were experimenting with vertically orientated computers. And it made more sense than you might think. Read More >>