Black Friday Means Four Months of Audible for Half the Normal Price

We've talked about Audible's Black Friday deal before, but since that was last year's sale that some dope left up, there's actually something interesting for us to talk about again - including 50% off an Audible subscription for four months. Read More >>

Audible’s Black Friday Sale Doesn’t Even Take Place on Black Friday

Correction: Turns out some dope left last year's Audible sale page up, and somehow we got linked to that. So Audible's Black Friday sale is not happening before Black Friday after all. Sorry about that Read More >>

Uber and Audible Collaborate to Offer Free Short Audiobooks

Audible and Uber have teamed up to give you the perfect excuse not to talk to your driver. Read More >>

Is Captioning an Audiobook Illegal? Major Publishers Say Yes, And They’re Suing Audible

Seven of the biggest names in publishing filed a lawsuit against Audible on Friday, arguing that its recently announced AI-generated captions feature breaks copyright law. Read More >>

Audible Celebrates its 14th Birthday With Massive Sale

It's been 14 years since Audible popped into being, and what better way to mar the occasion than a birthday sale, with over 100 best-sellers available for just £3 a pop until this Saturday. Read More >>

Amazon’s Latest Black Friday Deal Gives You 4 Months of Audible for Half the Usual Price

Audiobooks are very helpful in today's modern lives, because who has the time to sit down and 'read a book'? I don't, because I have memes to look at and gadgets to judge. Being able to have someone read a book to me is helpful for getting my book on at times where I wouldn't be doing much else - like walking somewhere, or going to the gym. Read More >>

Audible Support is Back on Sonos Speakers, For Real This Time

A couple of weeks ago Sonos prematurely posted a blog post announcing Audible support was returning to Sonos speakers, before promptly deleting it and denying that any plans were in place. Now, though, it's been confirmed that it's happening, with Audible support now rolling out to both the Sonos and Audible apps. Read More >>

It Looks Like Audible Support is Heading Back to Sonos

Audible is probably the most popular audiobook service out there, and Sonos has made a pretty good name for itself in the smart/multi-room industry. So it's been disappointing to find that the two have been incompatible for a while. Luckily it probably won't be that way for long, because Sonos accidentally announced it early. Read More >>

Google Is Now Selling Audiobooks, Which Will Probably Piss Off Amazon

After a recent spat led Google to pull YouTube from Amazon’s Fire TV and Echo Show, it seemed like things were finally cooling down when Amazon extended an olive branch to Google by selling Chromecast devices again for the first time in years. But in reality, the beef between the two internet giants does not seem to be letting up, especially now that Google is getting into the audiobook business. Read More >>

Audible’s Machine Learning Lets Romance Novel Lovers Skip to the Porn

Admittedly I've never read anything remotely close to a romance novel, but I can only assume that people read them for the same reasons people read Playboy or watch porn. Not for the plot or the articles, if you know what I mean. But they still have plenty of fluff that passes for plot that you have to read through. Well Audible's going to help you if you just want the good parts. Read More >>

Amazon’s New Kindle Oasis Syncs Audible With Kindle And Safely Works In The Bath

Amazon has today revealed an updated Kindle Oasis - featuring a bigger screen, support for audiobooks and waterproofing to IPX8 standard - meaning that you can now read your book by the pool or in the bath, meaning that you can read while bathing in actual oasis, and everything will be fine. Read More >>

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Rutger Hauer on Blade Runner, Its Sequel and His Return to Sci-Fi with Alien: Out of Shadows

I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Like Rutger Hauer peeling a satsuma with one hand. Read More >>

Audible Security Flaw Lets Anyone Download Unlimited Free Audiobooks

A loophole in Audible's security is making it easy to get unlimited free audiobooks, as long as you have no moral qualms about using a fake name and credit card. Read More >>