The Best AirPods Tips and Tricks to Boost Your Listening

The Apple AirPods and their successors have been huge hits for Apple – but are you making the most out of your pair? We present to you some of the tricks and features you might not have come across yet – from using your AirPods as a remote listening system to sharing audio between two pairs of earbuds, here’s how to make the most of your hardware. Read More >>

Libratone’s New Speaker is an Adorable Little Birb

Audio brand Libratone is celebrating its tenth birthday, and instead of getting themselves a present, they've given us one in the form of the incredibly cute BIRD speaker. Read More >>

The ‘New’ Galaxy Buds+ Are Barely Any Different From the Old Galaxy Buds

When a new phone comes out we're all pretty clued in on what happens. The specs don't change that much, and you only end up with tiny incremental updates each time a new device is released. We don't like it, but we're used to it. Now, though, the problem is that those incremental updates are creeping out into other devices, and the new Galaxy Buds+ are the prime example. Read More >>

Sony’s First Android-Powered Walkman Is Damn Compelling

Why would anyone want a Walkman in the streaming age? That’s the question I asked myself when I first fiddled with the small Sony NW-A105. One month later, I’ve learned enough about the music player to answer that question and many more. Sometimes its good to cut out the distractions of texts and phone calls and just embrace a tiny device that pumps out high-quality tunes. As the first Walkman device from Sony with Android built-in, the Sony NW-A105 isn’t just good for music though, it’s also a great alternative to your phone for long vacations. Read More >>

LG’s First Truly Wireless Earbuds Come With a Bacteria-Killing UV Light

Just in the last year, we’ve seen a bunch of big names announcer their first truly wireless earbuds including Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and more. And now it’s LG’s turn to give it a try with its new Tone Free earbuds. Read More >>

CES 2020: The Biggest Problems With Bluetooth Audio Are About to Be Fixed

Although used for everything from lightbulbs, to video game controllers, to RC toys, audio remains the most popular use for Bluetooth, powering the endless array of wireless headphones flooding the market. So as we move into the next decade the Bluetooth Special Interest Group is introducing some key upgrades to the Bluetooth spec that promise to dramatically improve its performance with wireless audio gear. Read More >>

Harman’s New Audio System Lets You Create Music With Your Car

Consider yourself musical? Does that stretch to actually making music rather than merely singing in the shower? If so then you might like the sound of Harman’s bright new idea: The Ultimate Sound Machine. Although it’s really more of an innovative concept than a production reality right now, the experiment involves turning the whole interior of your car into a musical instrument. It sounds bonkers because it is. Read More >>

I Can’t Get Enough of Bowers & Wilkins’ Freaky Carbon Fibre Headphones

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call Bowers & Wilkins headphones iconic. The recognisable chrome and leather design always drew me in, almost by whispering, “These are the fancy ones.” For reasons I cannot comprehend, Bowers & Wilkins recently trashed that great design and replaced it with an unexpected combination of carbon fibre and fabric. The new headphones are unique and they’re amazing. Read More >>

How Jabra’s Amazing New Earbuds Measure Up to AirPods Pro

For the past month or so, I’ve been carrying two sets of earbuds with me everywhere I go. In a compact, instantly recognisable white case, there are the £250 AirPods Pro. In a similarly sized, nondescript black case, there are the £170 Jabra Elite 75t. They’re the best earbuds I’ve gotten my hands on this year, and I almost can’t decide which ones I like better. Almost. Read More >>

These Noise-Cancelling Headphones Will Alert You to All the Dangers You Can’t Hear

They’re effective at quelling the sounds of crying babies, but noise-cancelling headphones can also tune out sounds you might actually want to hear, like the horn of an approaching car as you absentmindedly step out into a busy street. To make noise-cancelling headphones safer, researchers are now teaching them to recognise and alert the wearer to sounds that represent imminent danger. Read More >>

Bluetooth Is Good Now

It was nearly a decade ago, when a pretty blue gadget arrived in my mailbox and fundamentally changed my understanding of wireless technology. The gadget was a Jawbone Jambox – arguably the first popular Bluetooth speaker – that let me play music from my phone from across my backyard. Like most Bluetooth contraptions at the time, the Jambox was barely usable at times, but this idea of wireless living, it was exciting! Now, ten years later, Bluetooth is actually good. Read More >>

Save £100 on an LG LOUDR Home Cinema System in Another Early Cyber Monday Discount

Black Friday is over, but the Black Friday period is still ongoing. Because Cyber Monday hasn't happened yet, and that means we have two whole days of deals that are still technically Black Friday deals, because that's how retailers do things these day. Today, we have a discount on one of LG's LOUDR home cinema systems. Read More >>

These Are the Best Earbuds for the Money

Everybody’s nuts about AirPods. They’re small, and they work great with iPhones. Now there are AirPods Pro, and they’re more expensive but better in some ways. They’re still not the best, in my opinion. Jabra just released its latest truly wireless earbuds, the Elite 75t, and somehow, this humble Danish company has managed – yet again – to build something better. They’re small, and they work great with any device. I’m nuts about them. Read More >>

The Best Music Streaming Services If You Don’t Want to Pay

Chances are you’re already signed up for at least one music streaming service, but if you’re not willing or able to pay a subscription fee for your listening, what are the options open to you? Several streaming platforms let you listen for free, with a few ads and restrictions, so we’ve rounded up what each of the best ones has to offer. Read More >>

Report: Rev Asked Workers to Transcribe Audio Involving Sexual Assault, Child Abuse Without Warning

Rev, the $1-a-minute (78p) audio transcription gig economy platform that’s been in the news lately for slashing payouts to contractors and an ensuing backlash, had its transcribers listen to content “relating to sex and child abuse without prior warning”, Business Insider reported on Friday. Read More >>