Download Utopia: A 17-Year-Old File-Sharing Program Is Still the Best Place to Find Obscure Music

The lifespan of software is a curious thing. Unless a program is deemed irreplaceable by an industry (like Photoshop), most die out or are succeeded by a better—or cheaper—option a few years later. Even games, outside of retro collectors’ items or unicorn hits (Diablo II), lose steam. After the downfall of Napster, Kazaa, Limewire and the rest of the early file-sharing clients, most people assumed that single source peer-to-peer (P2P) piracy programs—the kind where you download music or other files from exactly one user—died out. But one of them, Soulseek, weathered three of file-sharing’s mass extinctions, and has quietly remained one of the best sources of obscure music. Read More >>

Nuclear-Powered Preamp Promises Incredibly Excessive Accuracy With a Built-in Atomic Clock

Audiophiles are always on the hunt for the most over-the-top setup to impress and make other audiophiles jealous. And there's now a nuclear option in the audiophile arms race with this DAC featuring a built-in rubidium-powered atomic clock promising incredibly accurate and stable digital to analog conversions, and vice versa. Read More >>

The Screens in These Speakers Weren’t Meant for Touching

By this point you've probably been hardwired to think "touchscreen" at the very sight of a black rectangle. But German high-end speaker company, Göbel knows better than to slap a screen onto their flagship Epoque Reference speakers for novelty's sake. Read More >>