Pokémon Go’s Launched the World’s First AR Wildlife Photography Competition

Pokémon Go is still a thing, even though the very large amount of the initial playerbase gave up a long time ago. It's going strongly enough that Niantic has launched a brand new competition, asking players to submit their best AR photos from in the game. Read More >>

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Tim Cook: Technology to Create AR Glasses “In a Quality Way” Doesn’t Exist Yet

While various companies have tried to create some sort of AR-based glasses over the past few years, nobodies really cracked it. Sure headsets like Hololens exist, but they're big bulky headsets that don't qualify as 'glasses'. It's still a dream to many, but Apple CEO Tim Cook is just about to destroy those dreams. Read More >>

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Artist Protests Augmented Reality Sculpture By Digitally ‘Vandalising’ Snapchat Balloon Dog

Augmented reality promised us a world of whimsy not confined by the rules of science. This week, we instead got a tech behemoth promoting their struggling app by plopping virtual sculptures into already magnificent places. And the art world is already firing back. Read More >>

Snap Screws Up Basic Website, Blows Lid Off Its Own Surprise AR Announcement

Snap, Inc., the social media giant behind Snapchat and Bitmoji, launched a countdown clock for a mystery announcement on Monday afternoon at Read More >>

OS Does AR so You Can Look at Your Phone All the Time When Outside

It's OK, the clever people at the Ordnance Survey have come up with a perfectly valid reason for you to be looking at your phone even in the middle of nowhere -- AR. The official OS map now overlays local data and place names atop the app's fed in camera display, meaning you don't need to get your eyes dirty by looking directly at a field. Read More >>

Pigeon Panic is an AR app That Lets You Frolic With Everyone’s Favourite Flying Disease Bags

Pigeons truly are the feathered rats of the bird community. While certain parts of their anatomy may taste splendid when prepared by Michelin Star restaurants, the average pigeon you'll find on the streets is a gormless, disease-ridden popping machine. Thankfully, the stars of a new iPhone augmented reality app are much less objectionable. Read More >>

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IKEA’s New Augmented Reality App Means You’re Never Not At IKEA

When you were a kid, what did you think the future would look like? Hoverboards, Back to the Future style? Flying cars a la The Jetsons? Read More >>

All of the Best Augmented Reality Tricks Your iPhone Can Do Right Now

iOS 11 is finally available today for your iPhone and iPad, and among the many new features included in the update is Apple’s ARKit framework allowing developers to more easily create augmented reality apps and experiences. Here are some of the best ones you’ll want to try out after updating. Read More >>

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Everything You Need to Know About Augmented Reality Now That it’s Invading Your Phone

Forget virtual reality, for now at least, because augmented reality, or AR as it is commonly known, is powering the next batch of magic tricks heading to your phone. Apple and Google are pushing the tech hard, but what’s actually new about the next wave of AR? What’s changed since Pontiac stuff it in the ugly Aztek or Niantic had you catching Pokemon with it in Pokemon Go? And what are you going to be able to do with it...besides game? Read More >>

The iPhone 8 Will Turn Us All Into Beta Testers For Apple’s Next Revolutionary Product

On Tuesday evening Apple is expected to officially unveil its next iPhone. You know the drill by now: Tim Cook and a parade of Apple executives will come on stage, declare it the best iPhone ever and run through the various tweaks and improvements that make this year’s phone better than last year’s. We’re expecting the screen to be bigger, the processor to be faster... Blah blah blah. You know the drill. Read More >>

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I Slew Star Wars Villains With This New AR Lightsaber Setup

Torches and toy lightsabers might do a decent job of making you feel like a Jedi when you’re twelve, and fancy prop reproductions might do the job when you’re an adult. But it is all still make believe. You’re not taking on Darth Vader in your living room, you’re waving a toy and making “vrm vrrm” noises. A new augmented reality game from Disney hopes to change that. Star Wars: Jedi Challenges is Disney’s first standalone augmented reality machine. Created in conjunction with Lenovo, it’s a £250 set that includes a headset, tracking beacon and lightsaber remote. Pop your Android or iOS phone into the headset, put the beacon on the floor, ignite the lightsaber and your path to becoming a Jedi Master begins. Read More >>

Google Has a Plan to Put Its Splashy AR Powers on Millions of Android Phones 

This isn’t hyperbole. Between Apple’s ARKit and the new ARCore tool announced by Google, a viable form of augmented reality, the ability to witness an computer-augmented version of our world, is about to come to a whole lot of phones, and will be available on every Android and iOS phones going forward. That sci-fi future shitty movies in the 90s promised us is perilously close. Read More >>

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Tanks For The Memories: How Augmented Reality is Bringing an Iconic German Tank Back to Life

In 1944, the war was not going well for Hitler. Defeated at Stalingrad and Normandy, the Soviet Union was advancing in the east, and the Allies were making their way west. It was at this point that the Nazis unleashed a deadly new weapon: the Sturmmörserwagen 606/4 mit 38 cm RW 61 - a beastly new tank that became known simply as the Sturmtiger. Read More >>

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Brilliant Augmented Reality App Lets You Star in Your Own ’80s Music Video

One of the most memorable music videos of the 1980s is A-ha’s “Take On Me” featuring a young woman who’s pulled into a world that looks like it only exists as crude pencil sketches. The video took 16 weeks to animate by hand, but Trixi Studios created an augmented reality app that can recreate the effect in real-time. Read More >>

AR iPhone App Rapidly Takes Photos and Leaves Them Hanging in the Air

You might be tempted to think this is just a cool experiment, but don’t be surprised when Mark Zuckerberg rips it off and it’s suddenly packaged with Instagram. Read More >>