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Facebook’s AR Glasses May Be Getting Closer to Becoming a Reality

Facebook is reportedly dumping resources into developing nifty new augmented reality hardware – but don’t put money on seeing its products anytime super soon. Read More >>

CES 2019: AR Porn is a Thing Now

When it comes to adopting new technology porn is generally ahead of the curve. Streaming, virtual reality, and all sort of other things get picked up by the industry pretty early on, and it looks as though Augmented Reality is no different. That's right, there's AR porn now. Read More >>

augmented reality
Seedling on Magic Leap Is the Most Relaxing Space Gardening Game You’ll Never Play

Testing out a new augmented reality game is typically hard enough. From the beginning, you’re thrust into a world that sort of looks and feels like reality, but inherently operates on a slightly different set of rules. But when you’re forced to play the same game on what is essentially a prototype headset, the line between hardware and software starts to blur in strange ways. Read More >>

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Bose Actually Turned Its Funky Sunglasses Headphones Concept Into a Real Gadget

Earlier this year, Bose showed off a product concept that seemed like the Snapchat Spectacles of the audio world, complete with buzzwords such as augmented reality and digital assistants littered throughout this description. But for a company like Bose not normally known for taking a lot of chances, it seemed like the glasses were just a tech demo until Bose went and made them real. Read More >>

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Google’s Virtual Vermeer Museum Is a Legitimately Cool Use of AR

It used to be that the fastest, easiest way to view the paintings of Johannes Vermeer was a Google Image search. Now you can just download an app and view the 36 works widely attributed to the artist in an augmented reality museum from the comfort of your home. Read More >>

Microsoft Wins £375 Million US Army Contract for Augmented Reality Systems

Microsoft has secured a $479 million-plus contract (£375 million) with the U.S. Army for Integrated Visual Augmentation System (IVAS) prototypes, Bloomberg reported Wednesday, expanding its relationship with the military and beating out a slew of other companies competing for the contract. Read More >>

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The Magic Leap Con

“Today, our world feels divided.” Rony Abovitz, CEO of the infamous mixed reality startup Magic Leap stood awkwardly on a circular stage, surrounded by hundreds of attendees of his company’s first developer conference, and first major public-facing event, eyeing a teleprompter, arms behind his back. “It feels broken,” he said. “Our new medium of spatial computing feels fresh. It doesn’t carry the baggage and negative headlines that are dominating the news today.” Read More >>

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Kylo Ren Comes to Lenovo’s AR Jedi Challenges

Last year, Lenovo released its Mirage headset and with it a piece of software that allowed everyone to live out their greatest fantasy: becoming a Jedi. Jedi Challenges is essentially a smartphone app, but coupled with the augmented reality technology that the Mirage headset facilitates, it can create holographic images that display in the real world. With the lightsaber accessory bundled with the headet, it means you can fight 'real' lightsaber battles, along with a few other gimmicks bundled into the software (Holochess and strategic combat planning). Read More >>

Report: Google and Imax’s VR Camera Project Is Kaput

A joint Google-Imax venture to build a line of virtual reality cameras that’s been in the works since 2016 has been axed, according to a report on Monday from Variety. Read More >>

Amazon Imagines Future Employee Surveillance With Patent Application for AR Goggles

Amazon was criticised earlier this year for a controversial patent application that detailed an “ultrasonic bracelet” that could be used to surveil workers. The company’s newly public application for augmented reality goggles made specifically for warehouse workers is far more alarming. Read More >>

All the New AR Features Coming to iPhones This Autumn

Apple’s World Wide Developer conference kicked off earlier this evening, and among the refinements that we’re seeing for iOS is increased support for augmented reality. A brand new ARKit is dropping and along with it some impressive apps and features could make mixed reality more than just a novelty. Read More >>

Lego’s Upgrading its AR Offerings Thanks to Apple’s ARKit 2

Towards the end of last year Lego released a new app that let kids play with virtual Lego sets in augmented reality, and animate existing sets they already have in their collection. Apple took to the stage at WWDC to reveal an upgraded version of ARKit (ARKit 2), and Lego was brought along to showcase some of the ways the new software can improve the virtual Lego experience. Read More >>

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Lenovo’s Added Multiplayer Lightsaber Battles to its AR Headset

Last year Lenovo released the Mirage AR headset complete with the Star Wars: Jedi Challenges app. In that app you could do all sorts of Star Wars-y things, like play Dejarik holochess and fight villains in intense lightsaber battles. What you couldn't do is get other people involved, until today. Read More >>

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Two Months After Announcing New Smart Glasses, Intel’s Killing the Project Entirely

Damn, I’ve never seen a tech company give up on a project so quickly since Microsoft bet big on the Kin, but Intel may have taken the cake as it announces the closure of the division responsible for its intriguing Vaunt smart glasses. Just five years after creating the New Devices Group, Intel is shuttering it, and unfortunately, that will also mean the loss of an estimated 200 jobs, according to The Information, who first reported the closure. Read More >>

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iPhone Users Can Now Play Star Wars’ Dejarik Holochess in AR Without a Headset

It's been a good few months since Lenovo released the Mirage, a mobile-powered AR headset, alongside the Jedi Challenges app. In said app you could fight lightsaber battles, play Dejarik holochess, and play a tactics-based minigame in augmented reality. Obviously back at launch you needed a headset to do all that, but now Jedi Challenges has been updated to let iOS users play Dejarik without having to spend £250. Read More >>