Apple Glasses Rumours Have Me Stressed About AR’s Biggest Unsolved Problems

The hype behind Apple’s rumoured augmented reality headset and glasses just won’t die. Every few weeks, almost like clockwork, some sort of Apple AR rumour or news makes its way through the tech blogosphere, even as other smart glasses and AR companies are capsizing left and right. This has always irked me, but it wasn’t until my coworkers and I chatted about a recent Apple patent that I realised why. Read More >>

Alphabet May Be Buying Smart Glasses Startup North, But Don’t Expect New Google Glasses Any Time Soon

Tough times seem to keep rolling in for makers of augmented reality glasses. North, the Canadian startup behind the consumer-focused Focals by North smart glasses, is in the final stages of a $180 million (£146 million) sale to Alphabet, according to a Globe and Mail scoop. Read More >>

Snapchat: Yeah, Our End of Slavery Filter Asking Users to Smile to Break Chains Was a Bad Idea

Snapchat received widespread criticism Friday for its Juneteenth filter that prompted users to celebrate the anniversary of the end of slavery in the U.S. by smiling to break chains. By mid-day, Snap quietly pulled the tone-deaf filter and the company has since issued a public apology. Apparently, this Lens was a beta version that went live by mistake, though I’m not sure if that’s more or less embarrassing. Read More >>

Report: Bose Shuts Down Ambitious Augmented Reality Project

Bose seemed like a company that had a slightly different, incredibly interesting vision for augmented reality. It was different from other tech companies’ approaches – Bose put AR in its Bose Frames sunglasses, but it wasn’t like the AR glasses or headsets that are already on the market. In lieu of holographic images superimposed on the real world, Bose’s AR was audio only. The strategy was new, but now it looks like Bose’s gamble didn’t pay off. Instead, the company has decided to shut down its ambitious Bose AR division, according to Protocol. Read More >>

Wallace and Gromit are Getting the AR Treatment with a Brand New Game

Ever since Pokémon Go hit the scene and made people realise that augmented reality gaming could prove popular under the right circumstances, it seems like every company out there has been trying to mimic the success of Niantic's flagship title. There have been AR games based on Ghostbusters, The Walking Dead, even Niantic itself tried to replicate its own success with Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. And now that list is set to include Wallace and Gromit. Read More >>

magic leap
Who Is Still Investing in Magic Leap in 2020?

Despite recently having to announce the lay off of 1,000 employees, it would now appear that Magic Leap has somehow pulled a £287 million miracle out of its arse. Read More >>

No, Apple is Not Releasing AR Glasses Based on Steve Jobs’s

Earlier today, Cult of Mac posted the most egregious rumour: Apple is apparently crafting a pair of special edition augmented reality glasses that will look like Steve Jobs’s moderately iconic ones. Apple will then reportedly sell these glasses for money. The claim comes from Jon Prosser, a YouTuber who has made waves in the last few months with some incredibly accurate predictions regarding Apple’s business. I’m sorry, everyone. This is bullshit. Read More >>

virtual reality
VR’s Future Isn’t in Gaming

When it comes to virtual reality tech, you typically fall into one of two camps. Either you love the sci-fi concept of snapping on a headset and suddenly being transported into an immersive, three-dimensional universe, or you’re a reasonable person who finds these same headsets vomit-inducingawkward to wear, and downright butt-ugly. Read More >>

Google’s AR Easter Bunny Can Still Visit This Holiday Weekend, Even if You’re Stuck Inside

With the country under orders to stay indoors due to the coronavirus outbreak, I’m betting Easter plans for most people look a lot different now than they did back in the bygone era of March. Seemingly with this in mind, Google rolled out several holiday-themed Easter eggs, according to tradition, including an Easter Bunny that doesn’t have to worry about social distancing. Read More >>

augmented reality
£1.6 Billion Wasn’t Enough to Keep Magic Leap Afloat, So Now It Wants to Find a Buyer

After years of drumming up ridiculous hype, producing a mediocre product, and raising an absurd amount of money (a little over $2 billion/£1.59 billion, to be a little more precise), augmented-reality start-up Magic Leap is reportedly looking to sell itself. According to Bloomberg, a sale could net the company more than $10 billion (£7.94 billion) –  or about $8 billion (£6.35 billion) more than what it has raised from investors as of April 2019. Read More >>

Reporter Doesn’t Realise Facebook’s Filters Were Making His Live Weather Report Especially Awesome

The scourge of low-budget news broadcasts and impromptu live streams has reared its ugly head once again as a TV reporter in the US state of North Carolina forgot to disable the wacky Facebook Live Mystery Mask augmented reality filters before going on air to report on some unusual snowfall in the area. Read More >>

augmented reality
Maybe We Shouldn’t Go Bananas Over Smart Contacts Just Yet

Imagine plopping a contact lens in your eye, and instead of just seeing better, you could see an enhanced view of your environment. That’s what Mojo Vision is saying their new prototype smart contact lens could do. Eventually. It sounds like a concept straight out of a sci-fi movie. But whereas anything is possible in fiction, real life has very real limitations – and there’s a lot of questions Mojo Vision has to answer before anyone should get excited over smart contacts. Read More >>

All Your Base Are Belong to Bulbasaur

The heyday for Pokémon Go headlines has long since passed, but it turns out that in 2016, Canada’s military ordered officers to play the game after civilians kept wandering onto bases in pursuit of Pokémon. Read More >>

What’s Worse: These Gucci Snapchat Spectacles or the Video Promoting Them?

Despite multiple generations plagued by lacklustre sales, Snap continues to pump out more versions of its try-hard Spectacles. But now, thanks to the release of some limited edition Gucci-themed Spectacles 3, we’re faced with an interesting question. What’s worse, the new Spectacles themselves, or the short film Snap made to promote them? Read More >>