Amazon Imagines Future Employee Surveillance With Patent Application for AR Goggles

Amazon was criticised earlier this year for a controversial patent application that detailed an “ultrasonic bracelet” that could be used to surveil workers. The company’s newly public application for augmented reality goggles made specifically for warehouse workers is far more alarming. Read More >>

All the New AR Features Coming to iPhones This Autumn

Apple’s World Wide Developer conference kicked off earlier this evening, and among the refinements that we’re seeing for iOS is increased support for augmented reality. A brand new ARKit is dropping and along with it some impressive apps and features could make mixed reality more than just a novelty. Read More >>

Lego’s Upgrading its AR Offerings Thanks to Apple’s ARKit 2

Towards the end of last year Lego released a new app that let kids play with virtual Lego sets in augmented reality, and animate existing sets they already have in their collection. Apple took to the stage at WWDC to reveal an upgraded version of ARKit (ARKit 2), and Lego was brought along to showcase some of the ways the new software can improve the virtual Lego experience. Read More >>

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Lenovo’s Added Multiplayer Lightsaber Battles to its AR Headset

Last year Lenovo released the Mirage AR headset complete with the Star Wars: Jedi Challenges app. In that app you could do all sorts of Star Wars-y things, like play Dejarik holochess and fight villains in intense lightsaber battles. What you couldn't do is get other people involved, until today. Read More >>

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Two Months After Announcing New Smart Glasses, Intel’s Killing the Project Entirely

Damn, I’ve never seen a tech company give up on a project so quickly since Microsoft bet big on the Kin, but Intel may have taken the cake as it announces the closure of the division responsible for its intriguing Vaunt smart glasses. Just five years after creating the New Devices Group, Intel is shuttering it, and unfortunately, that will also mean the loss of an estimated 200 jobs, according to The Information, who first reported the closure. Read More >>

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iPhone Users Can Now Play Star Wars’ Dejarik Holochess in AR Without a Headset

It's been a good few months since Lenovo released the Mirage, a mobile-powered AR headset, alongside the Jedi Challenges app. In said app you could fight lightsaber battles, play Dejarik holochess, and play a tactics-based minigame in augmented reality. Obviously back at launch you needed a headset to do all that, but now Jedi Challenges has been updated to let iOS users play Dejarik without having to spend £250. Read More >>

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Leap Motion’s Created Designs for a Cheap, High Definition AR Headset and it’s, Well, See For Yourself

You might remember Leap Motion as the company that developed gesture controlling gizmos that have been used in keyboards, VR set-ups, and more. It's not to be confused with Magic Leap, which is the company making that bizarre-looking AR headset. Leap Motion clearly isn't letting that single shared name get in the way of its AR ambitions, though, since it's just released for a super-cheap AR headset with hand tracking. Read More >>

How Colours Are Discovered

In the early 18th century, German chemist Johann Jacob Diesbach was at work in a laboratory trying to make a red pigment out of cochineal insects, the tiny bugs whose extract dyes everything from food to lipstick. Diesbach hypothesised that he could combine the carmine extract with alum, iron sulphate, and potash to make the pale red hue he desired. There was a problem, though. The potash Diesbach used had been contaminated, which altered the chemical makeup of his pigment. Instead of red, Diesbach had unwittingly created something far more valuable: a deep ocean-like blue. Read More >>

Snapchat’s Long-Awaited iPhone X Lenses Won’t Make Me Forget Rihanna’s Decree

iPhone X owners who still use Snapchat are in for a pleasant surprise today. The camera company, famously annihilated by Rihanna after it approved an ad mocking domestic violence victims, is finally releasing its previously announced lenses designed for the iPhone X. The feature was teased nearly seven months ago, so it’s about time. Read More >>

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Magic Leap’s Secrecy Obsession Is Reportedly Making Devs Say Screw It

At some point, Magic Leap is going to have to let people play around with its ultra-secret mixed reality device. Dev kits are now shipping to select partners, so it would seem that time is now. But the chosen few are required to take extra security precautions that make it unlikely you’ll bump into one of the headsets at a party. Read More >>

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Augmented Reality Instruction Manuals Would Make Building Ikea Furniture Way Less Painful

Adam Pickard is a big fan of Ikea’s augmented reality app that lets you try out furniture in your home before buying it. But Pickard apparently thought a smartphone could be just as useful during the assembly process, so he mocked up a demo of an app that uses augmented reality to make building Swedish furniture infinitely easier. Read More >>

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The First Great iPhone App Grows Up

The very first iPhone apps were universally dull. And then Bloom came out. Brian Eno and Peter Chilvers built the app and released it just a few months after Apple opened the App Store in July 2008. It was immediately obvious that something special was happening. The app was interesting on an artistic level, one that made you reconsider the relationship between technology and music. And my God, these two have done it again with augmented reality. Read More >>

This AR Street Fighter II Lets You Brawl in the Real World

Augmented reality experiences are oftentimes a dud, and the really mind-melting ones require hardware that costs a shit-ton of money. But Abhishek Singh seems to have figured out a way to make AR both accessible and really fucking cool. His latest project brings the classic arcade game Street Fighter II to life as a multiplayer game people can play in the real world. Read More >>

Bose Wants to Fundamentally Change How You Interact With Your World

There are no practical applications yet for AR—your mum isn’t using it to navigate Tescos, for example—but AR has become wildly popular in the tech community. Slap AR on a pitch and get some VC funding. Or, slap AR on the side of a product and bask in the AR buzz from tech publications. Bose, a company known for nice headphones and not nice user interfaces or computers, is the latest to embrace AR,  recently announcing a plan to fund AR startups through the new Bose Ventures, but more importantly, it announced a platform that includes AR glasses and, Bose hopes, a new way to interact with AR content—and thus your world. Read More >>

Holy Crap, That’s a Lot of Money for Some Ugly Goggles

On Wednesday, Magic Leap announced that it’s raised another $461 million (£332 million), bringing the VR company’s total funding to more than $2.3 billion (£1.7 billion)—without having released a single product. Read More >>