Teasmade and Trolley Sales up as Money-Saving Brits Seek Luxury at Home

Why blow £55 on a round of drinks in some depressing chain pub, when you can invest the same amount of money in a Swan STM100 Teasmade and enjoy the thrill of having a dumb robot make you cups of tea all year round? Read More >>

Thank a Simple Excel Glitch For Austerity Economics

You know the much-ballyhooed theory that high national debt correlates to crappy economic growth? The one that's trotted out on a regular basis by politicians arguing for austerity budgets? Well, according to new findings, the study that austerity proponents cite more than any other is based on an Excel error. A big one. Read More >>

Binge Drinking on the Cards This Week as “Beer Tax” Set to Rise

Controversial plans to continue hiking the taxes we pay on beer are likely to stay in place, with the government set to continue the inflation plus two per cent annual duty rise suffered by beer drinkers in this week's budget. Expect to see men "filling their tanks" at pubs across the country on Wednesday night. Read More >>

Police Given 41,000 BlackBerrys in Money Saving Scheme. No Money Saved

A seemingly well-intentioned plan by the government to sped £71m on equipping police forces with 41,000 BlackBerry phones to save money has flopped, with the scheme saving some £600,000 in the end. It was supposed to save a whopping £125m. Read More >>

Government Throws Money at Mobile — £150m to Boost UK Coverage

George Osborne has magicked up some money to help boost the UK's mobile infrastructure, finding and promising to spend £150m on enhancing the UK's mobile network -- so 99 per cent of the country will soon get a signal. Read More >>