Google and Facebook May Have to Cough Up Their Algorithms if Australian Proposal Lands

Facebook and Google could be forced to give up the deets about their secret sauce algorithms thanks to an Australian proposal for increased regulation of the tech giants. If implemented, these measures could set a precedent for how global lawmakers curtail these companies’ influence amid increasing privacy and antitrust scandals. Read More >>

Australian Court Rules Media Orgs Are Liable For Defamation Posted to Facebook by Random Users

An Australian Court has ruled that media organisations are liable for anything defamatory that’s published to the public Facebook pages of those media companies, even if it’s just posted by a random Facebook user. Read More >>

Spider Eating a Pygmy Possum Is Obviously Australian

That’s a photo of a huntsman spider eating a pygmy possum. Yikes! Read More >>

The Sydney Opera House’s New Artificial Reefs Look Like Works of Art

The Sydney Opera House is a dope-ass work of architecture. Nestled along the Sydney Harbour in Australia, the building is a sight to see. Now, the sea wall at Bennelong Point, where the opera house sits, features 18 hexagonal-shaped steel frames meant to serve as artificial coral reefs. Read More >>

Even Under a Coal-Loving Leader, Australia Is Leading the Charge for Renewables

In Australia, record-breaking rooftop solar installations are helping the country increase its renewable energy generation. By 2030, renewables could make up more than half the electricity generated in the land down under, according to an analysis out Wednesday from a team of researchers. Read More >>

World’s Oldest Rainforest Is Being Cooked to Death by Climate Change, Authorities Warn

Australia can’t seem to catch a break. The Great Barrier reef is still limping along after being ravaged by heat waves two to three years ago, while the people of Australia just sweated through their hottest summer on record. Now, authorities are warning that the endless heat has placed a world-class rainforest in grave danger. Read More >>

Lime Scooters Hacked to Say Sexual Things to Riders in Australia

At least eight Lime e-scooters have been pulled from the streets of Brisbane, Australia this week after they were hacked to say sexual and otherwise offensive things. Lime calls the hack “disappointing.” Read More >>

Fugitive Caught Fleeing Australia on Jet Ski Loaded With Supplies and Maybe a Crossbow

According to Australian authorities, a 57-year-old British man tried to flee the country (and an outstanding warrant for drug-related charges) by escaping on a well-stocked jet ski. But just as he was making it to an island respite, he was arrested on the mudflats. Read More >>

Australia ‘Absolutely Considering’ Prison for Tech Execs Who Can’t Scrub Hate Off Their Platforms

In the immediate aftermath of a horrific act of violence, it’s disturbingly easy to watch the gruesomeness unfold on social media – even if you don’t want to. We witnessed this inevitability during the Christchurch attack this month, as videos of a gunman opening fire in two mosques were uploaded at breakneck speed to Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. These companies have promised more moderators and improved AI to prevent this unwanted virality in the future, an official in Australia sees jail time for tech execs as a fitting solution. Read More >>

Smartphone Stops Arrow When Absurdly Lucky Man Tries to Photograph Attacker

Apple likes to tout its smartwatch’s heart-tracking features as being able to potentially save a user’s life one day. But a man in Nimbin, New South Wales, Australia, may owe his life to his smartphone, which stopped an arrow fired by an assailant while he was trying to snap a photo. Read More >>

Former Cop in Australia Jailed for Using Police Databases to Look Up Tinder Dates

An ex-cop in Western Australia has been jailed for six months for using police databases to snoop on the records of dozens of women he’d encountered on dating sites like Tinder and PlentyOfFish, Australia’s ABC News reported on Friday. Read More >>

Australia Says G’Day To Backdoors in Encrypted Messages

The Australian government has been arguing for some time that it needs a backdoor into people's messages, including ones encrypted by services like WhatsApp, and now it looks like it's going to happen. Read More >>

Australian Police Perform CPR on Drowning Kangaroo

I know very little about Australia, aside from the fact that it’s basically a weirder United States with a feral cat problem. But I’m familiar enough to know that Australian police resuscitating a drowning kangaroo with CPR at the beach is about as Australian as it gets. Read More >>

New Clues May Explain Why This Fearsome Marsupial Lion Disappeared From Australia

New research suggests it was climate change—not human activity—that caused Thylacoleo carnifex, an Australian marsupial lion, to go extinct. Read More >>