Should Unvaccinated Kids Be Banned From Daycare?

To prevent the spread of infectious diseases, Prime Minister Ian Turnbull of Australia is pushing its states and territories to adopt measures that would prevent unvaccinated children from attending childcare centres. Sounds harsh, but experts say it’s a good idea—one that’ll hopefully prevent the spread of infectious diseases. Read More >>

Budget 2017: Uber & Deliveroo Drivers Get A Tax Hike, Their Employers Still Get A Tax Cut

The Chancellor, Phillip Hammond has today announced a hike in National Insurance Contributions (NICs) for self-employed people - something that will hit people who work in the "gig economy" the hardest. This means that people who work for companies like Uber, Deliveroo, Task Rabbit and Gett, as well as some delivery companies like Amazon and Yodel, could be hit hardest by the changes. Even worse - as we admit we might be a little biased here - freelance journalists will also be affected. Read More >>