Wikipedia-Scanning Bot Suggests Popular Public Domain Reads

Not sure what public domain book to try next now you've given up on Moby Dick for the 23rd time? An algorithm that scans Wikipedia and attempts to rate the popularity of authors might be able to help suggest the next impenetrable copyright-free classic to whack on your Kindle. Read More >>

A Book of Tweets by People Claiming They’re Working on Their Novels

Novels aren't going to write themselves, you know. But when they don't, simply turn to Twitter. A new book features tweets by would-be authors who are totally working on their novels, but had to stop working on their novels so they could post something to Twitter about working on their novels. Read More >>

Bitcoin Currency Inspires Erotic Post-Apocalyptic Sex Novel

Author Kayleen Knight has somehow managed to write 10,000 erotically-charged words about a future world dominated by virtual currency Bitcoin, in her ebook King of Bitcoin -- a piece of fiction that contains "scenes of an explicit graphic sexual nature" as well as nerds arguing about mining pretend cash. Read More >>