Gmail Is Getting Autocorrect to Fix Your Duckups

Everyone has carefully crafted and proofread an email, only to find a glaring typo or grammatical error after hitting send. To help our fallible human eyes, Google is introducing new spelling and grammar autocorrection to Gmail. Read More >>

Check Out This Sweet Autocorrect Joke 

I don’t know why the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra used an autocorrect joke as a vehicle to promote their brand, but you know what? At least it’s not a horrifying ad for breast augmentation. Read More >>

QuickType Could be the Most Fun You Have With iOS 8

Since ancient times, iPhone owners have cursed the dreaded Autocorrect. They've lived in fear that the Apple monstrosity will get them fired, alienate them from parents, and generally destroy all forms of meaningful relationship. Read More >>

The Untold History of How Autocorrect Came into Existence

Despite the well-documented foibles of autocorrect, it actually is pretty good at turning my gibberish touch typing into comprehensible if profanity-free prose. For that, we have a man by the name of Bill Vaginal to thank. Erh, I mean Vignola. Read More >>

The Fastest Way to Train Your iPhone’s Autocorrect

Sick of your "shit"s turning to "shut"s and your "yo"s turning to "to"s? We are too. So here's a simple solution that forces your foul mouthed will upon your phone's autocorrect. Read More >>

Autogrammar Is About to Make Autocorrect a Lot More Naggy

Are you a lazy texter? Do you have fat fingers? Did you sleep through all of your English classes? Well, none of that matters anymore with the imminent release of new software that not only autocorrects your misspelled words but also fixes your grammar mistakes. Read More >>

Swype Now Crowd-Sources Your Autocorrections

Swype, the sliding keyboard that dramatically speeds up typing on Android, just got a little more clever. As well as offering a more fluid typing experience, it now crowd-sources your autocorrections—which should (hopefully) make for fewer embarrassing mistakes. Read More >>

Police Locked Down a School Because Autocorrect Is So Terrible

Autocorrect has been behind more than its share of misunderstandings, but today it stirred up a whole heap of trouble, even by its sketchy standards. Some poor college student's phone corrected "gonna go" to "gunman" and got a school put into lockdown by the police. Read More >>

How To Enable iOS 5’s Hidden Auto-Correct Feature

Turns out iOS 5 is hiding Easter Eggs aplenty. Besides the camera's secret panorama mode, an Android-style auto-correct bar has been uncovered as well. Read More >>