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Will Self-Driving Cars Turn People Into Even Bigger Arseholes?

People like to mess with Uber self-driving cars, according to an executive leading the autonomous programme. Read More >>

Tesla Autopilot Malfunction Caused Crash That Killed Apple Engineer, Lawsuit Alleges

Apple engineer Walter Huang was driving his 2017 Tesla Model X on US Highway 101 in Mountain View, in the US state of California, the morning of 23 March 2018, when the car steered left into a concrete median, killing Huang in the resulting crash. Read More >>

Forget Google, Volvo’s Spitting Out Under-the-Radar Automated Cars That You Can Actually Buy

When you think of automated, self-driving cars you probably think of Google. But it's not the search giant that's forging ahead with self-driving cars, or at least the beginnings of them that you can actually buy. No, incredibly it's Volvo of all historically-less-than-exciting cars, and the motor company has some truly amazing tricks up its sleeve. Read More >>

This Robot Racing Car Is a Much Better Driver Than You (at 120MPH)

What you're looking at here is Standford's driverless Audi TTS, which can blast round a track much faster than you could ever dream of going, and it's entirely automated. Read More >>