DHL Launches Niche Drone Deliveries to a Pocket of German Islanders

Courier firm DHL has beaten the likes of Google and Amazon in launching an automated drone delivery system of a sort, but there's quite a sizeable disclaimer. It's only for inhabitants of one small island at the moment. And a man does the difficult finding-the-right-letterbox part at the end. Read More >>

Dyson Teases Low-Rise, Camera-Enabled Project N223

Dyson's engineers are working on a new thing, and judging by the clues given out in its teaser video it may be planning to slowly trundle into Roomba's automated vacuuming world. Read More >>

Forget Google, Volvo’s Spitting Out Under-the-Radar Automated Cars That You Can Actually Buy

When you think of automated, self-driving cars you probably think of Google. But it's not the search giant that's forging ahead with self-driving cars, or at least the beginnings of them that you can actually buy. No, incredibly it's Volvo of all historically-less-than-exciting cars, and the motor company has some truly amazing tricks up its sleeve. Read More >>