Tesla’s Autopilot Can Be Fooled With a Projector

Tesla's autopilot tool is generally considered the current gold standard in autonomous vehicles, although we learned in 2018 it can be fooled into thinking there's a human behind the wheel by simply placing an orange in the steering wheel. This is a human-introduced problem for autopilot, though, and Gizmodo Australia's reviews of Tesla's autopilot suggest that humans are often the issue. Read More >>

News of an Employee’s Death at a Tesla Facility Renews Focus on Company’s History of Safety Concerns

Tesla confirmed Tuesday that the body of one of its employees was found at the company’s Gigfactory last week and police are currently investigating the incident, Business Insider reported. Read More >>

Report: Saudi Arabia May Be Planning a Major Bid for Tesla’s Leveraged Buyout

The official sovereign wealth fund of the Saudi Arabian government may be considering a major investment in Elon Musk’s electric car giant Tesla, and sources say it is “in talks” to do so after Musk let slip via Twitter that he is considering taking the company private in a $60-billion-plus (£47-billion-plus) deal at $420 (£330) a share, Bloomberg reported on Sunday. Read More >>

Mercedes-Benz Owner Daimler AG May Have Rigged Emissions Tests

Daimler AG, the automaker which produces the Mercedes-Benz line of luxury vehicles, is facing growing scrutiny after US investigators reportedly found that it installed software to cheat diesel emissions tests on cars, Bloomberg and Reuters reported. Read More >>

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Disturbing Crash Test Footage Shows Why You Should Strap Down Luggage in Your Car

You obviously need to strap down the luggage you put on the roof of your car, but as this crash test footage from Switzerland’s Dynamic Test Center shows, you might also want to strap down the bags in the back of your estate. In an impact, pieces of luggage becomes flying missiles targeted at the vehicle’s passengers. [YouTube via Core77] Read More >>

This 1938 Magazine Cover Showed Britain a Shinier, Happier Future

The late 1930s were dark times for Britain. War was on the horizon, and things were about to get very, very tough. But some periodicals tried keeping things light with utopian visions of tomorrow. Like this 5th March, 1938 cover of Modern Wonder which featured the streamlined transportation of the future. The magazine reads: Read More >>

Your Self-Driving Car Will Be Programmed to Kill You—Deal With It

A recent survey shows that people want self-driving cars to be programmed to minimise casualties during an accident, even if it causes the death of the rider. Trouble is, the same survey shows that people don’t actually want to ride in cars that are programmed this way. That’s obviously a problem—and we’re going to have to get over it. Read More >>

Everyone Was Supposed to Own a Yacht By Now, According to Futurists of the 1950s

According to futurists of the 1950s, people of the 21st century were all supposed to be zipping around in solar-powered cars, watching wall-sized TVs, and enjoying holidays on the moon. We were even supposed to all have our own yachts. Well, half a yacht at least. Read More >>

Seven Machines That are Meta as Hell 

What’s better than a monster machine? A meta machine, that's what. Here is an array of machines that really took the advice “Just do you!” to heart. Read More >>

BMW’s New Key Fob is a Touchscreen Device in its Own Right

With automotive gadgetry getting ever more advanced, the humble key fob has been left behind. Until now, that is: BMW's i8 plug-in-hybrid sports car now comes with touchscreen fob that lets you do far more than just lock and unlock your car. Read More >>

Ford Puts Voice-Activated IFTTT in Your Dashboard

IFTTT is a simple yet powerful way to put your digital stuff to work making your life easier, automatically. Now, thanks to a collaboration with Automatic, drivers of some 2011 or newer Ford vehicles can summon IFTTT with the push of a steering-wheel button. Read More >>

General Motors Want to Make Cars Autonomous By 2016

General Motors (GM) is already taking technology in cars seriously, but it has plans to take it to the next level, and soon. Yesterday, the company announced that in less than two years its cars will communicate with each other — and hopefully even drive themselves. Read More >>

Renovo Coupe: The Electric Dream Car for Petrolheads

A Silicon Valley startup just revealed the latest piece of electronic future-tech, a 500-horsepower, all-electric supercar that does naught to 60 faster than a Porsche 911. But the most important part of the Renovo Coupe isn't cutting-edge at all: It's that gorgeous body, designed in 1964. Read More >>

Why Tesla’s Model 3 Could be the Most Important Electric Car Ever

Tesla's next electric car officially has a name: The Model 3. It seems like an all-around average saloon, no crazy up-swinging falcon doors or other outlandishness. Even the $35,000 (around £30,000 when sold in the UK) price is pedestrian. It's also what could make it as important to automotive history as the Model T. Read More >>

Uber User “Held Against Will in High Speed Chase”

When Washington D.C. resident Ryan Simonetti booked a ride on Uber on Tuesday, he was hoping for a quiet journey. But instead, he got rather more than he bargained for. Read More >>