Driverless Pods to Ferry Shoppers Around in Bristol’s Cribbs Causeway Mall in Week-Long Trial

The future is now - well, just until the end of the week anyway, but still. And you can be a part of it if you head to The Mall at Bristol's Cribb's Causeway. Read More >>

Uber Self-Driving Car Struck and Killed Arizona Woman While in Autonomous Mode

Last night a woman was struck by an autonomous Uber vehicle in Tempe, Arizona. She later died of her injuries in the hospital. Read More >>

Engineering the Autonomous Car

It is strange that while much of our life is governed by health and safety, it's perfectly legal for one to zoom around in a metal box with wheels at 70mph. However, after the world's first licence for an autonomous vehicle was given to Google’s Driverless car this year, perhaps this is about to change. Read More >>

Google Looking at Autonomous Cars That You Can Manually Drive Too?

Certainly sounds like it. Google's just been awarded a patent for "transitioning a mixed-mode vehicle to autonomous mode". It specifically talks about how to transition a "mixed-mode" vehicle from human control to autonomous control. Read More >>