Waymo Has Plans to Bring its Self Driving Taxis to Europe

At the end of last year Waymo, the self-driving car company owned by Google parent Alphabet, announced plans to launch a self-driving taxi service in San Francisco and Phoenix. Those plans haven't fully come to fruition yet, but the company is already setting its sights on a new target: Europe. Read More >>

Uber and Lyft Have a Hot New Idea for Screwing Over City-Dwellers

The arrival of autonomous vehicles is an inevitability, so it makes sense that before mass adoption hits, companies like Lyft and Uber would want to band together to determine what our self-driving future will look like. Sounds pretty harmless, right? Read More >>

CES 2018: Here’s the Latest EV Startup Trying to Take Down Tesla

It’s not often you get to see the birth of the new car brand, but with Tesla’s recent success (and the backing of deep-pocketed investors in China), newly formed Future Mobility Corp. is giving things a go with its new electric car brand Byton. Read More >>

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Self-Driving Lorries Will Hit UK Motorways by the End of Next Year

The Department of Transport has announced that self-driving lorries will hit the UK's motorways by the end of next year. The autonomous vehicles will travel in fleets of three in order to test the technology for future application. Read More >>

This Autonomous Van Could Soon Be Delivering Your Shopping

Back in February, we took a tour around the futuristic warehouse operated by Ocado - a company that styles itself as a technology company that just happens to sell groceries. It was hugely impressive, as the shuffling of your shopping is almost entirely automated by using a huge network of conveyor belts - and the process is being constantly optimised to squeeze out as much efficiency as possible. Read More >>

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5,000 People Applied For 100 Seats On Greenwich’s Driverless Shuttle

A prototype autonomous shuttle bus is being tested in Greenwich, and apparently the public is super excited to try it out. Read More >>

Uber Pulls Plug on Self-Driving Cabs After California Revokes Registrations

Last week, California’s Department of Motor Vehicles told Uber it “must cease” operating its fleet of semi-autonomous cars in San Francisco, threatening unspecified consequences if it failed to do so. Uber continued the pilot programme in defiance of the warning, but today the state finally made good on its threat. Read More >>

California to Uber: Stop Your Self-Driving Cabs Right Now Or Else

Just hours after Uber launched a fleet of semi-autonomous cars in San Francisco, state regulators sent the company a letter saying it “must cease” the pilot program on Wednesday, threatening unspecified legal action if they do not, the Associated Press reports. Read More >>

Google’s Self-Driving Car Crash Sends Operator To Hospital

Self-driving cars will probably make the world a better place—someday—when they eliminate the likelihood of injuries in crashes. Today, is not that day. Read More >>

Uber’s Self-Driving Car Passengers Were Signing Their Lives Away

Uber’s fleet of self-driving cars in Pittsburgh are super exciting for anyone interested in the future of transportation—but they could come at a huge risk for passengers riding in the vehicles. Read More >>

Nissan Plans to be Very Careful With its Self-Driving System

With all the criticism recently surrounding self-driving cars, you might think it’s a strange move for Nissan to announce some news regarding its own system. Well, it is, but the company is aware. Read More >>

Fatal Tesla Crash Proves Full Autonomy is the Only Solution for Self-Driving Cars

The investigation into a death that occurred while a Tesla Model S driver was using Autopilot has filled the internet with dystopian-sounding headlines. Self-driving car driver died for the first time after crash in Florida. Self-driving Tesla was involved in fatal crash. But this was not a “self-driving car” that killed its “driver”. This was a human driving a semi-autonomous car. And this points to why fully autonomous vehicles are the only types of self-driving cars that make sense on our streets. Ever. Read More >>

Google Patented a Sticky Car Hood That Traps Pedestrians Like Flies

Google loves to brag about how its self-driving cars and their ability to save lives by being really good at not crashing into things. But crashes do still happen, and when they do, Google apparently has a backup plan: human flypaper. Read More >>

Germany Will Add Self-Driving Cars to Its Railway Network

Deutsche Bahn, the German government-owned rail system that manages efficient travel throughout the country, is planning to add autonomous vehicles to its transportation options. All to help passengers experience seamless door-to-door travel. Read More >>

These Visions of a Self-Driving Vehicle Future Are Incredibly Convincing

Autonomous cars are coming, and with them comes the promise of a future that’s safer and healthier for all. These are the most compelling visual arguments for that future that I’ve seen yet. Read More >>