Reason for Conspiracy? Five Mysterious Details From JFK’s Autopsy

It goes without saying that, for the past 50 years, there's been a bevy of confusion surrounding the events of JFK's assassination. Much of it has stemmed from inconsistencies in his medical records, which have long been employed to justify errant conspiracy theories putting responsibility for the fatal shot in the hands of everyone from Fidel Castro to Lyndon B. Johnson. Read More >>

A Digital Autopsy: How Computer Scientists Analysed Friendster’s Cause of Death

Founded in 2002, Friendster was a pioneer among social networks, beating MySpace and Facebook to the scene and, at its peak, boasting over 100 million users. In 2009, though, it swiftly descended into irrelevance and obscurity — and computer scientists have been scraping though its remains to work out exactly what went wrong. Read More >>