Experiment Could Help Scientists Predict Avalanches Through Sound

It turns out that 8,000 tiny plastic disks in a rotating drum could help scientists develop a technique to forecast avalanches or earthquakes through sound. Read More >>

Atari’s Retro Console Launches Pre-Orders, Quickly Crashes Indiegogo 

After several delays and a whole lot of confusion, Atari’s retro console/set-top box thing is available for pre-order. We finally have more details on what this thing can do and apparently more people are hyped up about it than we expected. On Wednesday afternoon, Indiegogo was struggling to keep up with the influx of traffic. Read More >>

Watch a Parachuting Skier Take Flight Moments Before an Avalanche Buries Him Alive

Downhill skiers hit tremendous speeds as they race down a mountain, but it’s still not fast enough to outrun an avalanche. Fortunately for Maxence Cavalade, the parachute he was using to speedride down Mont Charvet in France carried him to safety and probably saved his life. Read More >>

Ten Survivors Pulled From Italian Hotel Following Devastating Avalanche

Rescuers in Italy’s San Grasso mountain region have pulled ten survivors from the snow and rubble following a horrific avalanche that ploughed through a four-star hotel earlier this week, Telegraph reports. Read More >>

Dozens Missing After Horrific Avalanche Engulfs Italian Hotel

As many as 30 guests are missing following an overnight avalanche at a hotel in Italy’s Gran Sasso mountain area. Poor weather conditions and the remote location of the hotel are making rescue efforts difficult. Read More >>

Enormous Landslide Detected in Alaska

An extraordinarily large landslide has been discovered near Glacier Bay in southeast Alaska. Aerial photos show a snow-capped mountain with a huge chunk taken out of it—and a debris field that extends for nearly seven miles Read More >>

Detonating Avalanches With Explosive Drones Isn’t as Stupid as it Sounds

The concept of dropping sticks of primed dynamite from drones near a ski resort is guaranteed to give any slope inspectors second thoughts. But considering the way things are currently done, armed flying robots would be a serious safety improvement. Read More >>

Mars Orbiter Spots a Huge Avalanche of Carbon Dioxide on the Red Planet

In another reminder that the Red Planet features a complex and active surface, the HiRISE camera aboard the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has captured an image of a “dry ice avalanche” streaming down a cliff. Read More >>

Important Avalanche Research Could Lead to More Important Advancements in Ice Cream Technology

As part of its research into preventing avalanches, the Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research in Switzerland has a deep understanding of the structure of snow and ice crystals. Which Nestle realised could also be applied to improving the shelf-life of ice cream. Read More >>

The Only Avalanche I want to See Coming at Me Is One in This Lab

While we've come up with ingenious methods of escaping avalanches, science still isn't well-versed in their inner mechanics. A Montana State University researcher is trying to change that by setting off his own mini-avalanches—just, you know, indoors. Read More >>