Why It’s Taken So Long to Make the Avatar Sequels, According to James Cameron

Today, December 18, 2019, is the 10th anniversary of Avatar. You remember Avatar – the second highest-grossing movie in the history of movies, which the majority of filmgoers have long since forgotten about? Right, that one. The one with the blue people. Ten years have passed without a sequel, we’re still two years away from getting one, but in a new interview writer-director James Cameron has a very logical explanation. Read More >>

Avatar 2 is Done Filming – For This Year, That Is

How long have they been making Avatar 2? I feel like I have been hearing cryptic updates on this film for half of my mortal life, like whispers from seers about the return of King Arthur or something. And this time, it continues – but with pictures, for once! Or, well, a picture. Read More >>