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James Cameron Talks Developing the Avatar Sequels and the Uncertain Future of His Franchises

In a wide-ranging interview, the director sheds some light on the long gap between the first Avatar film and its several planned sequels, as well as offering some insight into his return to the Terminator franchise. Read More >>

Facebook Researchers Used Celebrity Bitmoji to Help Create VR Avatars

Researchers at Facebook AI Research and Tel Aviv University school of computer science published a preprint paper outlining how they created an automatic process to create VR avatars. The company’s new Facebook Spaces “social” VR venture launched this week. Read More >>

We Now Know When Disney’s Avatar and Star Wars Theme Parks Will Open

Disney is embracing two major franchises in its U.S. theme parks—and during an investor call Tuesday, the company CEO announced when each land would open. Read More >>

Disney’s Avatar Land Shows Why It’s So Hard to Keep Epcot Futuristic

Do you remember Avatar? It was released seven years ago as the single biggest movie of 2009. But unlike other sci-fi blockbusters with broad family appeal, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone today begging for a sequel, let alone clamouring for theme park rides based on the film. But that’s just what we’re going to get next summer at Walt Disney World. The company announced that Avatar Land will open at Disney’s Animal Kingdom park during the summer of 2017. And the fact that it’s opening long after anyone cares about Avatar shows precisely why it’s so hard to keep Disney’s Epcot theme park “futuristic.” Read More >>

Are You Ready for Four Avatar Sequels?

The original Avatar was the highest grossing movie of all time - and is oh-so memorable too. Remember... that guy who was in it? And the blue people? And the bit where the thing happened? All completely unforgettable cinematic moments. Read More >>

James Cameron’s Plan to Fix Solar Panels

When Avatar came out, James Cameron boasted that it would be the first solar-powered movie franchise in history. Now the director, deep-sea explorer and NASA advisor has turned his attention to designing cinematic-quality solar panels for the rest of us. Read More >>

James Cameron: New Avatar Films Will Make You “Shit Yourself With Your Mouth Wide Open”

James Cameron's currently in a New Zealand bunker, beavering away on what is to become the next three (count 'em, three) movies in the Avatar franchise. Though his production team is still in the scripting stage, he's sounding pretty bullish about them. Scatalogicially so... Read More >>

Special Effects Legend Douglas Trumbull Pushes for 120fps Film Future

Despite the 48fps action of the Hobbit films not exactly winning over film enthusiasts, SFX guru/ninja Douglas Trumbull claims his 120fps, 4K and 3D system could still gain traction within the film industry. Read More >>

Monkey Controls Sedated Primate Pal Using its Mind in Avatar-Like Experiment

Scientists have been able to make one monkey control the body of another sedated primate test subject, in an experiment that may offer hope to those suffering from paralysis. Read More >>

Everything that was wrong with Avatar
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Here’s Everything Wrong with Avatar

Do you remember watching Avatar? It was a pretty long time ago! And though it looked amazing in 3D IMAX (and not so amazing on sad old DVD) there were definitely things wrong with the movie. Like how it was Pocahontas or Dancing With The Wolves with a giant blue man group. Or how it was only fun when you watched it in 3D. Anyway, Cinema Sins takes Avatar to task and finds everything wrong with the movie in less than 4 minutes. [Cinema Sins] Read More >>

Mind-Controlled Robots Bring Us One Step Closer To Our Avatar Future

It's been speculated—in big budget movies, no less—that one day mankind will never leave its computers, and will instead explore the world through virtual reality and robots. And here's the cutting-edge research that will make that nightmarish future possible. Read More >>

A Real-Life Robocop Is In Development

If the idea of your boss attending boardroom meetings via an iPad on wheels puts you on edge, what will you make of "PatrolBot"? Meet a real-life Robocop, kind of. Read More >>

This Is Why People Pirate

Do you know why people hate movie studios? Why, increasingly, they're driven to download content illegally, even though they're perfectly willing to pay for it? Because of crap like this. Read More >>