Stop Using Avast and AVG Plugins Right Now

Two browsers have yanked Avast and AVG online security extensions from their web stores after a report revealed that they were unnecessarily sucking up a tonne of data about users’ browsing history. Read More >>

New Glasses Make You Invisible to Facial Recognition Software

AVG is a name well-known in the Windows world for its decent and free anti-virus software, but the company is apparently looking to expand outside of just software to protect people's privacy in the real world. At Mobile World Congress, AVG is demoing a concept pair of glasses that both foil facial recognition software, and make it difficult for someone to snap a photo of your face. Read More >>

Will Wearables Spread Your Data Around Like a Disease?

You used to be able to escape technology. Turn off the laptop, unplug the phone, put the mobile under a cushion or lock yourself in the shed to disconnect, but now? Your data is right there, taped to your hand or face, constantly broadcasting the minutiae of your life. Read More >>