Eco Cafe Declares War on Avocados

The Wild Strawberry Cafe on Peterley Manor Farm has come out fighting against today's obsession with avocados, declaring that it will no longer sell them and their derivative products as they're linked with deforestation, cause untold environmental damage due to the way their shipped over to us in a hurry to battle the ripeness clock, and in underground avocado news, suggests that control of the fruit's supply has even been linked to drug cartels. Read More >>

Pre-Peeled, Pre-Halved Avocados Are the Worst Example of Wasteful Packaging Yet

Like bananas, avocados come direct from nature wrapped in their own durable protective packaging. So why is a California-based avocado grower and distributor selling the savoury fruits pre-peeled, pre-halved, sealed in plastic, and then wrapped in a cardboard box? Read More >>

A Bizarre Avocado Crime Wave is Sweeping Through New Zealand

The now-dead El Niño weather system wreaked serious havoc upon the world's food supply, from poisoning shellfish to obliterating stone fruits. Now the avocado is at risk. In Australia and New Zealand, a double whammy of massive fires and heavy rains wiped out avocado crops, causing a shortage of the trendy brunch staple. Growers would have been able to manage, if it weren’t for a sudden and skyrocketing avocado demand. Read More >>

Avocados, the Most Dangerous Fruit in the Kitchen

As I type this one-handed, with my left hand wrapped in literal metres of bandage, on an interesting cocktail of pain medication that makes me care about, well, nothing, I have to ask myself -- how did this happen? Read More >>