“Aggressive” Tech Tax Avoidance Bordering on Illegal, says OECD

Pascal Saint-Amans, the current head of the OECD's taxation division, is pushing for more to be done to stop the international tech firms avoiding tax by shuffling their money around the globe, suggesting that some of the practises they use are "pushing the boundaries of what is legal." Read More >>

EC May Suggest Apple Benefited from “Illegal” Irish Tax Deal

The European Commission is expected to publish a letter tomorrow, one it sent to the Irish government back in June that outlines the course its investigation into Apple's tax treatment. It's expected that it'll say the deal between Irish regulators and Apple broke EU state aid rules. Read More >>

Apple is the Tax-Avoiding Bad Boy of America, Thanks to “Complex Web” of Offshore Accounts

While we're angry about Amazon, Starbucks, Google and more for appearing to dodge their UK tax responsibilities, US tax authorities have themselves an even bigger target, with Apple branded one of "America's largest tax avoiders." Read More >>

Google Supergrass Has “Proof” of Company’s Dodgy Irish Tax Avoidance Schemes

A former Google UK salesman claims to have a massive stash of around 100,000 emails sent and received during his time at the company, which supposedly prove the tech giant has been fiddling its tax returns to artificially lower its stated UK earnings. Read More >>

New Outrage as Amazon Pays £3.2m Tax While Taking £2.5m in Government Grants

New research into the possibly shady world of Amazon UK and its accountant friends in Luxembourg has emerged, with the company paying just £3.2m in corporation tax in the UK last year -- a figure made all the more laughable by the fact it claimed £2.5m in government grants. It's the world's biggest benefit claimant. Read More >>

Microsoft and Twitter Added to UK’s Tax Shame Hitlist

Two more tech giants have been caught shamelessly bodging their UK tax submissions, with Twitter accused of ignoring return filing dates and Microsoft said to be paying ZERO tax on a whopping great £1.7 billion of UK online income. Read More >>

Starbucks, Amazon and Google’s Tax-Dodging “An Insult” to the UK

The government is set to announce a renewed crackdown on large international tax avoiders, after evidence the big firms gave to the recent Public Accounts Committee hearing was described as "evasive" and "difficult to believe." Read More >>

Tax-Dodging Tech Firms Face Parliamentary Grilling Over UK Earnings

A parliamentary committee is to investigate the high-profile tax cases of Starbucks, Google and Amazon, with execs from the massive companies to face questions over their suspiciously low UK tax bills. Read More >>

eBay Joins Growing List of Shamed UK Tech Tax Dodgers

Auction site eBay has joined the likes of Facebook, Vodafone and Apple on the list of dodgy tax avoiders, with reports claiming the retailer paid just £1.2m of tax on its massive £800m of UK sales. Read More >>