The Handmaid’s Tale and Westworld Score Big in This Year’s Emmy Nominations

The 70th Emmys are upon us, which means its time for some of the biggest hits in genre entertainment on television to get their nods—and they’ve done so in spades this year, with tons of nominations for Westworld, The Handmaid’s Tale, and more. Read More >>

Lovely Old Janet Ellis Caught Being Rude in 2016’s Bad Sex Literature Awards

Janet Ellis, the lovely mumsy one from Blue Peter that older readers may have had a thing for once upon a time, is the star of the 2016 Bad Sex in Fiction awards, thanks to writing a few paragraphs about doing it that compare men's backs to ploughed fields and sex to being like a sack of porridge oats falling over. Read More >>

Man Wins £10,000 for Writing One Sentence

An entire novel that takes place in the space of one sentence has landed its author a top arts prize, with £10,000 going to extremely jammy workshy writer Mike McCormack. Read More >>

Drone Pilots Will Start Getting Awards But Don’t Call Them Medals Quite Yet

Just as American soldiers can be awarded the Silver Star, the third-highest valour awarded to members of the US armed forces, some have long argued that remote operators of drones should be eligible for war medals as well. New reports indicate they might not be getting medals per se, but they will be getting some kind of award. Read More >>

These Science Photos are So Beautiful They’re Basically Art

The winners of the 2015 FASEB BioArt Image and Video Competition have been announced, and they’re amazing. Chosen from a diverse cross-section of biology, they feature everything from the proteins that make up the Ebola virus through to roundworms feasting on bacteria. Here’s the best, most beautiful science photos the year had to offer. Read More >>

GoPro’s New Awards Offer Up Millions for First-Class Content-Creation

Back in July GoPro announced a way for you to get paid for the videos you shoot through a licensing portal, but now it’s upping the ante. With GoPro Awards, an ongoing contest pays you for the photos and videos you shoot. The figures? Ok: $500 (£324) for a photo, $1,000 (£648) for a raw video clip, and $5,000 (£3,240) for a video edit. Not bad. Read More >>

The Apple Watch Has Already Won a Design Award

The Apple Watch might not be getting an official launch until Monday, but it turns out that it's already an award-winning product. It's gone and won the iF Design Gold Award, and we don't even have an official release date yet. Read More >>

Design Council Chucking £300k at Dreamers and Makers of Stuff

The new Design Council Spark scheme comes with a £300,000 kitty, money that it wants to "energise" the UK's physical product design world. A bit like that thing Dyson's been doing for years. Read More >>

Dyson’s 20 Best Inventions of the Year

It's always fun to see the single invention that the James Dyson Foundation picks as its best design idea of the year—but it's even more fun to see the final list of possibilities, which Dyson released tonight before the  announcement of a winner on November 6th. Read More >>

11 of the Most Groundbreaking Structures of the Year

Every year the Institution of Structural Engineers picks out the most interesting pieces of structural engineering out there, highlighting an aspect of design that tends to get overlooked. Today, it announced its picks for 2014—and they range from an Apple store to an ape enclosure. Read More >>

Inside the 13 Coolest Offices of the Year

Bonkers offices tend to spring up like expensive mushrooms during boom time, especially in the tech world. But it turns out that average companies are investing in great design too – at least according to the shortlist of great offices chosen by the World Festival of Interiors this year. Read More >>

The Best Products of the Year

What were the best products designed this year? The IDSA, or Industrial Designers Society of America, has announced its International Design Excellence Awards, naming 176 winners across 23 categories. We picked a few of the most interesting and innovative winners, from a surgery-performing robot to a lightweight bike helmet. Read More >>

The Tech That Powers Six of the Greenest Buildings of 2014

Hearing the word "sustainable" conveys pretty much zilch about what makes a building efficient—more than anything, it's a term that tends to bore people. But if you look closer at the mechanical systems at work in some of the most energy efficient buildings going up today, you'll find technology that sounds almost sci-fi. Read More >>

Shigeru Ban Wins the Pritzker Prize, Architecture’s Highest Honour

The Pritzker Prize is a little bit like the Oscars of architecture: it usually ends up being a chance for everyone to air their complaints about the industry. But every so often, there's a real cause for celebration—such is the case, when the jury announced that Japanese architect Shigeru Ban would become 2014's recipient. Read More >>