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The 5 Types of Axe Everyone Should Know

The forest isn't just going to lay down and stack itself into timber piles because you asked nicely. You'll need to fell, chop, and hew it into submission. Here are the tools to do it. Read More >>

A Carbon Fibre Core Makes This Axe Lean and Mean

Aside from a few innovations in materials, axe design has been something that's gone relatively unchanged for awhile now. But a new concept, dubbed the Zai Core, from designer Kacper Hamilton, which makes use of carbon fiber in the handle and a series of interchangable carbon steel blades, breathes new life into an old object. Read More >>

Was This Indestructible Axe Made By the Same Craftsmen Who Created Thor’s Hammer?

The best feature of this seemingly indestructible fiberglass-handled hatchet isn't that you can repeatedly drive a tractor over it without snapping the handle. No, it's that the axe can be used by anyone with £20 to spare—unlike Thor's hammer which can only be wielded by the mythical hero of Norse legend. Read More >>

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Could There Be a Cooler Maurice Sendak Tribute Than This Awesome Axe?

Maurice Sendak was important to us here at Gizmodo: His stories inspired us to follow our own internal compasses when our parents told us to stop wasting our time skateboarding or making movies or playing with gadgets. In an unhappy coincidence, we visited Best Made Co.'s New York City workshop on the day of Sendak's death. They were pretty broken up about it. Read More >>

We Are in Another Golden Age of Axe Design

When guns came along and became mankind's primary weapon, axes were relegated to chopping firewood and other mundane tasks—ending the medieval golden age of axe design. But thanks to a recent spike in zombie popularity, designer axes have enjoyed a renaissance. Read More >>

This Badass Throwing Axe Hits the Spot

An axe used to be a tool fundamental to human survival. Today, I'm just as likely to be felling trees as felling zombies. I've decided to turn to sport to tap my inner woodsman with this vicious throwing axe. Read More >>