BA Gives Posh Fliers HD TV, Mirrors and Their Own Front Door

British Airways is preparing to take delivery of a load of brand new A350 aircraft this summer, and it's already trying to get its richer fliers interested in booking a luxurious new seat; by demonstrating the options that the likes of us may only get a glimpse of when the Curtain of Class is briefly swept aside and the flight crew come through while downsizing their smiles accordingly. Read More >>

BA Brings Back BOAC

The arrival of flight BA100 from Dublin to Heathrow marked quite a moment in history for aeroplane enthusiasts today, as the plane landed decked out in a classic retro BOAC paint job designed to mark the centenary celebrations of the national airline created from many forerunner air transport companies. Read More >>

British Airways Asks Travellers to Tweet Security Details Under Vague “GDPR” Excuse

Whoever's manning the BA social media accounts really needs to do a serious hour of in-house security training, as the firm has been discovered asking travellers to reply – publicly, on Twitter – with their names, passport numbers, post codes and more, in order to "comply with GDPR" in some bizarre way. Read More >>

BA Removes Reclining Option From the Cheap Seats

British Airways is about to take action against the very worst type of traveller, with the seat-recliners of the world soon to discover their seats can no longer be rammed back into the faces and knees of the passenger behind. Read More >>

BA to Make Cheap Ticket Buyers Board Flights Last

British Airways fancies bringing the old class system back to travel, as it's revealed a plan to somehow hold back the buyers of cheap tickets to make them board flights last. Read More >>

BA Pilots Tugged Off Electrically

British Airways has a new tech thing that's a little bit interesting, with a few of its short-haul bays at Heathrow now featuring electric tugs to push planes out of the gate and into the scary world of the runway. The plan is to roll them and their charging bays out across the country by the end of the year. Read More >>

BA Flyer Charged Double for “Strong” Cup of Tea

A loophole that's presumably been in place for decades has finally made a profit for British Airways, after the airline charged a passenger double the usual price for a cup of tea because he requested an extra strong cup. Read More >>

Police Called to Heathrow Runway After Two-Day Flight Delay

Armed police were apparently called to a flight sitting on the runway at Heathrow last weekend, as passenger fury over a two-day flight delay — including two aborted takeoff attempts — spilled over. Read More >>

BA’s Massive Technical Issues The Result Of Human Error

BA suffered a massive fault last week when it suffered a power surge following an employee disconnecting the supply. Upon reconnection, there was a surge that knocked out the system and resulted in all flights from Gatwick and Heathrow being cancelled on Saturday. According to the BBC the power shutdown somehow managed to bypass the battery backup systems known as uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs). Read More >>

BA Could Face £300k Compo Bill for Five-Hour Toilet Roll Crisis

A BA flight that spent hours on the tarmac while staff stressed about not having enough toilet roll could end up costing its operators hundreds of thousands of pounds in compensation and additional expenses, so perhaps it should've taken off anyway and told passengers to use the scented napkins? Read More >>

British Airways Embraces Tedious Cat Videos

BA is adding a new section to its in-flight Slow TV listings, going by the name Paws & Relax. It's animal cartoons and documentaries all the way here, because "scientific research" told the flier that watching clips of cats slows the heart rate. Unless you hate the arrogant, stupid things. Read More >>

Seven-Hour Norwegian Train Trip Added to BA’s in-Flight Video Options

The seven-hour train journey from Bergen to Oslo is the latest blockbuster to be added to the British Airways in-flight entertainment options, as the flier adds "Slow TV" options to its film menu. Read More >>

British Airways Short-Haul Flights are Going to Get a Little…Cosier

Do you like being able to feel your legs? No? Then you're going to love BA's short-haul aircraft makeovers. Its 95 Airbus aircraft (starting with the A320 model) are being refitted to add more seats in its Club Europe allocation. So, while between six and 11 additional passengers will be squeezed into each flight, all passengers will lose four inches of legroom, down to 30 inches from 34 inches. Better practice your contortionist techniques. Read More >>

BA OKs Passengers’ Take-Off and Landing Tech on Flights From Today

BA is to today become the first European airline to approve the use of technology including smartphones and tablets during take-off and landing, following last month's EASA decision to green-light in-flight gadgetry. Read More >>

Domino’s Spoofs BA Billboard With “Look Down” Live Pizza Delivery Tracking

We're not sure if this Domino's add is based on real technology or just an attempt at getting a video to go viral, but still. It's quite clever, gently mocking BA's awesome Look Up plane tracking advert by monitoring the progress of a pizza delivery about the city. Read More >>