CES Won’t Go “Talibanesque” on Booth Babes, But Suggests They Tone it Down

There will not be a ban on depressing "booth babes" at next year's CES, with event organisers claiming it'd be an administrative nightmare issuing rules on cleavage depths and skirt lengths for everyone to follow. Instead, it's just asking everyone to be a bit more... charming. Read More >>

These (Nearly) Naked Women Were Selling Phones (or Something) at CES

Some Chinese company decided that having regular booth babes at their CES shack wasn't enough. Instead, they used naked women in some sort of artsy-fartsy installation that was supposed to illustrate the advantages of whatever products they were selling. Read More >>

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Bodacious Longboarding Babes Dominate a Downhill

Watch Anna and her friend utterly destroy a hill as part of the Maryhill Freeride 2012. The girls are gorgeous, the scenery is gorgeous, and the ride itself is sublime. Best of all, nobody rivets out and bails. And extra props to the cameraman for filming and skating the course simultaneously. [BoingBoing] Read More >>