Human Foetuses Develop Lizard-Like Body Parts That Disappear Before Birth

New research this week seems to show that human foetuses develop several muscles in their legs and arms that disappear by the time they’re born. And some of these muscles were last seen in our adult ancestors over 250 million years ago. Read More >>

Babies in Prehistoric Europe Drank Animal Milk From Ceramic ‘Sippy Cups’

A chemical analysis of pottery feeding vessels from the Bronze and Iron Ages suggests prehistoric European babies and toddlers had diets supplemented with, and possibly replaced by, animal milk, in what’s potentially the earliest archaeological evidence of infant weaning. Read More >>

Medicine Swap Screwup Gave Babies ‘Werewolf Syndrome’

A medicine imbroglio left several parents in Spain scrambling to figure out why their children were growing hair all over their bodies. Read More >>

To Pet Owners, a Dog’s Whimpering Sounds Just as Sad as an Infant’s Cry

Devoted pet owners are often said to treat their furry friends like children. A new study out Thursday seems to show that’s not too far from the truth. The study found, among other things, that pet owners rated the sounds of a dog whimpering to be sad as cries coming from a human baby. Read More >>

Condom Company Promises to Eradicate All Baby Photos From Social Media

Condom maker Skyn has had an idea that might get in the news seeing as we're well into royal baby news/photos backlash territory; automating the blocking of all baby photos on Facebook. Read More >>

Legoland Lets People Called Archie in For Free

Legoland is celebrating the arrival of a posh baby by letting those who share the chosen name of the chosen child into its nightmarish land of wasps and queues for nothing, with anyone who can prove they're called Archie allowed into Legoland Windsor for nothing from now until July 12. Read More >>

New Wireless Sensors Let Premature Infants Get More Cuddles

Researchers in Chicago have seemingly found a much easier way for premature babies in intensive care to get the human touch and cuddles they need from their caregivers. This week, they introduced a system of wireless, low-irritation sensors that can be used to monitor a baby’s health from afar. The sensors, already being tested out in the real world, could someday replace and even outperform the cumbersome tangle of wires currently used in newborn intensive care units. Read More >>

genetic testing
Sequencing the DNA of Newborns Uncovered Hidden Disease Risks and a Whole Lot of Tricky Issues

In the not-too-distant future, it will be possible to get a complete readout of a person’s genetics cheaply and easily, even right after they’re born. A new study published Thursday offers a glimpse of what that future could look, suggesting many children are born with genetic conditions that can’t be found with current screening. But the study also raises important ethical questions about how best to handle the predictions these tests will provide families and their doctors. Read More >>

Cleaning Your Baby’s Dummy by Sucking on It Prevents Allergies, New Research Suggests

It’s a scene parents and caregivers are all too familiar with: an infant’s dummy falls to the floor. When this happened with my first born, I rushed to clean the soiled dummy by boiling it in water or carefully washing it in the sink. But by the time my second child was born, I was considerably more relaxed, and I started do something some parents might consider a bit gross — I sucked on my child’s fallen dummy to clean it. I didn’t realise it at the time, but as new research suggests, I might actually have been doing my child’s immune system a favour. Read More >>

Human Babies Laugh Just Like Chimpanzees

The world is bad, but babies remain good. Read More >>

Midwives Beg Nation to Stop Having Sex at Christmas

A midwife's plea to the people of the UK has gone viral, after she vented on the tricky subject of loads of babies being born in September following drunken Christmas intercourse the previous year. Read More >>

Nearby Pregnant Woman Alert! Nearby Pregnant Woman Alert!

Someone's had an idea for an app again. This one's really quite specific and bizarre, and uses Bluetooth proximity alerts to tell commuters when there's a pregnant woman in the vicinity so you might want to look up from your phone and offer her a seat so you don't look like a bit of a Trump. Read More >>

There is Now a Wearable For Babies Before They Are Born

There are literally wearables for everyone, even people who haven’t technically been born. A startup called Bloomlife is at CES with what it says is the first pregnancy wearable. Read More >>

Here’s The Urine-Detecting Electronic Nappy You Needed

Now I’m not a baby, but I can imagine it would be really cool if my parents just knew it was nappy changing time without me crying about it and disturbing everyone within a thirty-mile radius. A team at Ritsumeikan University in Japan gets it—they’re working on a urine-powered nappy sensor that can tell when it’s time for a changing. Read More >>

These Nightmare Videos Are Generated From Still Baby Photos by a Neural Network

Is that a baby or the blob? It’s actually just the sick and twisted result of a neural network predicting what a still photo of a baby would look like if it were moving. Researchers at MIT have published demonstrations of their work on generative video, and the “hallucinated” outcomes of are both impressive and repulsive. Read More >>