Can Foetuses Recognise Faces When They’re Still in the Womb?

We don’t remember what it was like to be a foetus. We don’t remember what we heard or smelled, and we certainly don’t remember what we saw. So foetuses, their development, and their experiences are a natural curiosity. When and how do foetuses start taking part in the human experience? Can they recognise faces from the womb? Read More >>

Humans Heading to Mars Could Face a Disturbingly High Cancer Risk

Practically everyone who likes space and has lots of money is trying to get to Mars in the near future. But before anyone reaches the Red Planet, there are plenty of concerns to mull over, most notably that our bodies were not built to live in a barren litter box with a thin atmosphere. But the journey to Mars is an equal concern. An unnerving new study suggests that the trip to Mars could put passengers at a higher risk to develop cancer—possibly two times greater than what experts previously thought. Read More >>

The Circle of Life Was Inside This Baby the Whole Time

As the new Planet Earth series has us remembering, nature is awe-inspiring, and unparalleled in its complexity, diversity, or cruelty. Observing the eternal arms race of species competing to claim a limited number of resources as it plays out through specialized biology over the course of millennia is humbling stuff. Read More >>

Baby Put in Tesco Sandwich Bag in Bizarre Life-saving Exercise

Doctors put a premature baby into a Tesco sandwich bag, but it was OK. It was on purpose, deemed medically acceptable and turned out to be the right thing to do. Read More >>

Using MS Paint to Show the Imagination of a Child Is So Adorable

Anyone with a ticking heart and an Instagram account takes too many pictures of their newborn. It's okay to be proud! It's okay to coo and adore and love and snap photos of your baby! But at a certain point, probably past the 700 mark, those pictures become variations of the same damn thing. Helpless baby lying on bed. Helpless baby lying on bed with mouth open. With arms raised. Crying. You get the point. Read More >>

The First Ever Electronically Stored Program Ran 65 Years Ago Today

Sixty five years ago, in a cluttered lab in Manchester, UK, three scientists changed the world of computing forever. Working with a machine they'd built and nicknamed Baby, they ran the first ever program to be stored electronically in a computer's memory. Read More >>

Light sabre baby
watch this
Giving a Baby a Lightsabre Is Never a Good Idea

Imagine a world where lightsabres are real. Totally awesome, yeah? All fun and games, right? Until a baby gets his hands on a lightsabre. When they start waving things around, you're at their mercy. Fingers, homes, human bodies, and anything else are just in the way. Read More >>

Just a 4D Medical Scan of a Fetus Yawning in the Womb

Medical imaging's come a long way in the past few decades—but it's now so good that doctors can use it to tell the difference between a baby opening its mouth and it yawning. Read More >>

3d printing
This Crazy Japanese Company Will 3D Print a Model of Your Unborn Baby

I'm not sure whether to be creeped out or amazed, but apparently you can now immortalise your unborn baby's first image in a to-scale 3D printed sculpture. I guess it's slightly better than your newborn's first poop gilded in gold, right? Read More >>

This Is What Child Birth Looks Like, From the Inside

Back in 2010, a team of German doctors announced that they'd recorded the world's first MRI of a woman giving birth. Back then, only still images were available—but now the researchers have released the video, and it's spellbinding. Read More >>

This Baby Had a Peach-Sized Tumour Removed With Lasers While in the Womb

This is Leyna Gonzalez. When her mother was just 17 weeks pregnant, this ultrasound scan revealed that she had a tumour the size of a peach growing from her mouth. The only way to save her was to remove it while she was still in the womb—a procedure that had never been performed before. Read More >>