GP Contact App Told to Stop Pretending it Works Like it Says

GP at Hand, one of the services offered by wannabe future digital health provider Babylon Health, has been told off by authorities for offering a chat with a GP in "minutes" through the modern solve-it-all of a smartphone – as customers first have to switch GPs in order to use the online consultancy service. By which time the redness will probably have gone away by itself. Read More >>

Samsung and Babylon Team Up To Let You See a Private Doctor on Your Phone

You've probably heard of private health start up Babylon, which lets people talk to Doctors 24 hours a day via video chat rather than forcing them to go to a GP in person. They recently signed a deal with the NHS to offer its services without users having to pay the usual fees. Now it's signed a deal with Samsung to integrate the service with the Samsung Health app. Read More >>