There’s No Security Backdoor In WhatsApp, Despite Reports

This morning The Guardian published a story with an alarming headline: “WhatsApp backdoor allows snooping on encrypted messages.” If true, this would have massive implications for the security and privacy of WhatsApp’s one-billion-plus users. Fortunately, there’s no backdoor in WhatsApp, and according to an experienced security researcher who spoke to Gizmodo, Alec Muffet, The Guardian’s story is “major league fuckwittage”. Read More >>

Equation Group: The Backdoors Spying on Most of the World’s Hard Drives

New research from Russian researchers at the Kaspersky Lab reveals that the someone — most likely the US National Security Agency (NSA) — has developed spying software that can be hidden deep with hard drives. Known to work with hardware made by Western Digital, Seagate, Toshiba and more, it's said to provide the agency with the means to eavesdrop "on the majority of the world's computers". Read More >>

New Mac Trojan Earns Other People Bitcoins on Your Dime

Odd, I could have sworn Bitcoin was on the fast track towards technological irrelevance. So why is this new Mac malware harnessing infected GPUs to mine the digital dollars? Read More >>