This Trackable, Wireless Charging Backpack Is The Techy Bag We’ve Always Wanted

Techy fashion brand Knomo's new backpack design is proving popular on Kickstarter, raising all of its £50k target with nearly a month still to go. Read More >>

A CNC Mill Backpack Drills Permanent Messages Into Solid Rock 

Everyone wants to live forever. Or at the very least, leave something behind that will last. In some ways, that's the most basic driving force behind graffiti: I was here. Paint washes away, but rock carvings, on the other hand, have a considerably longer half life. Read More >>

A Backpack Made of Kevlar Could Protect You In a War Zone

In the UK most of us are lucky enough to have never lived in a combat zone or area of extreme violence where our personal safety is always at risk. But this backpack was designed for that scenario. The Rhino Skin pack is made of Kevlar and is meant to protect vital organs against flying debris created by an explosion. Read More >>

The Amazing Contents of Steve Wozniak’s Travel Backpack

Some mornings I open my email and I receive something incredible gift like this: the awesome contents of Steve Wozniak's backpack. What you see above is just his charging setup—there's even more! Here's Woz to explain it himself: Read More >>

Daily Desired: This Laptop Bag Will Bring You Back to Nature

Lugging all the sweet gear that makes life more convenient around the city becomes the source of its own headaches. Your bag is heavy, uncomfortable, and hideous. This new Incase bag should help with the last bit at least. Read More >>