Building a Molten Metal Squirt Gun Is the Worst Way to Stay Cool This Summer

Shortly after the Super Soaker was first released in 1990, it became surrounded with controversy about hooligans allegedly filling the toy with harmful chemicals. But if that sounds dangerous, just imagine how local news stations would freak out over a squirt gun that blasts molten liquid metal. Read More >>

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Keep Computer Duster Very Far From Boiling Water

Despite the name “canned air”, computer duster isn’t oxygen at all. It’s actually 1,1-Difluoroethane kept under pressure in its liquid form and released as a freezing cold gas. It can cause moderate frostbite. It can get you high if you huff it (but don’t do that — it’s a truly awful idea.) And it makes boiling water explode. Wait, what? Read More >>

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Can Liquid Nitrogen Put Out an On-Fire Swimming Pool?

Teenage rebellion takes many forms. Some of us get dumb haircuts or listen to some truly terrible music. But for the amateur scientist, breaking your mother’s heart* involves diethyl ether and the family pool. Read More >>

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Are Grenades Deadlier on Land or Under Water?

YouTube scientist Mark Rober and molten metal obsessive BackyardScientist teamed up to answer a simple question: is a grenade deadlier on land or under water? But in order to answer that, we need to understand exactly what a grenade does. Read More >>

Molten Salt is a Fish Tank’s Worst Enemy

Molten salt is, as it’s name suggests, salt in liquid form. It doesn’t get there until between 260 and 600 degrees Celsius, making it one of the worst things you can drop into a glass vessel full of cold water. Read More >>