Vicar Arrested for Trying to Disarm Warplanes

Reverend Dan Woodhouse has been caught doing something naughty, and it doesn't involve collection boxes or choir boys -- he's been aiming big. He tried to break into an arms manufacturer and disarm a few warplanes to make the world marginally safer. Read More >>

Researchers Want to Grow Fighter Planes in Tanks With Organic Chemputer

A team comprising of the less strictly managed members of BAE Systems and researchers at the University of Glasgow would like us to start using the word "chemputer" in everyday talk, as this organic approach to creating objects, they say, might be the future of all computers and therefore warfare. Read More >>

Watch BAE’s Builders Slot Together Nearly 40,000 Tonnes of Aircraft Carrier

The social media intern working for defence contractor BAE Systems has been busy filming proceedings up in Rosyth, with the latest video charting the assembly of future aircraft carrier HMS Prince of Wales and showing the front and rear sections of the ship being slotted together. Read More >>

BAE’s Digital Night Vision for Pilots Tested in the Real World’s Sky

BAE's Striker II digital night vision system is ready to be tested in the real world, with the next-generation HMD now being used in the dark, in an aeroplane, for real. Read More >>

BAE Claims Rosetta Tech Will Help Monitor Nuclear Sub Atmospheres

Atmosphere-tasting tech based on "lessons learned" during the European Space Agency's  Rosetta Mission could one day find itself working in the UK's fleet of nuclear submarines, Read More >>

BAE Imagines Aeroplanes With Skin That May Therefore Require Aeroplane Moisturiser

BAE's had another mad brainstorming session in order to pull in a few hits on the internet, this time coming up with the concept of a "smart skin" for aeroplanes to help them "feel" their surroundings and detect damage. Read More >>

Tense Scenes as BAE Sees if New Boat Floats

This lovely time lapse video shows the new HMS Queen Elizabeth floating up out of its dock in Rosyth and manoeuvred out to open water for the first time, as scientists check to see whether the 65,000 tonne lump of metal actually floats. Read More >>

The Striker II Fighter Pilot Helmet Would Make Even the Iceman Blush

Having great reaction speeds is one thing, but for a fighter pilot to be performing at their best these days they need the most advanced equipment available to them. And when it comes to helmets, they don't come any more advanced than BAE's Striker II. Read More >>

BAE’s Taranis Drone Completes Full Stealth-Mode Test Flights

The promising Taranis drone, a £185m joint development by the Ministry of Defence, BAE and other industry partners, has completed phase two of its testing. This included flights in full stealth configuration, which its backers claim make it "virtually invisible" to radar. Read More >>

Military “Active Sticks” Feedback System Coming to Commercial Jets

BAE Systems is using this week's Farnborough International Air Show to demonstrate a form of Active Inceptor Systems for regular aircraft, taking the tactile feedback from the military world to the city-hopping commercial jet pilots. Read More >>

New Nuclear Sub Artful Plops into the Sea Beside Cumbria

The most phallic object yet created by man has launched, with our new nuclear submarine protector Artful now sitting in its dock at Barrow-in-Furness. It's 97m long and weighs 7,400 tonnes, so let's hope none of those workmen get their toes under it. Read More >>

BAE’s Taranis Combat Drone Now Flying Above the UK

The MoD and BAE Systems have revealed that the Taranis unmanned combat vehicle was undergoing secret test flights in the UK last year, with the drone carrying out several flights in our airspace -- some lasting for as long as one hour. Read More >>

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This Is How Massive Our New Aircraft Carrier Really Is

Our brand new aircraft carrier is coming along nicely, with the HMS Queen Elizabeth due for launch in 2014. Now that the two halves have been put together for the first time we get a real feeling for just how huge (280m in length) this beast is going to be. It'll be taller than Nelson's Column for goodness sake. Read More >>

What’s it Actually Like to Be a Test Pilot?

It's one of those jobs that should get the girls swooning and the guys hopelessly over-compensating; but is being a test pilot the glamourous danger-fest it's cracked up to be? We sat down with BAE System's Chief Military Test Pilot, Mark Bowman, to find out. Read More >>

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Take a Stroll Through a Military Fighter-Systems Factory

We recently had the chance to visit BAE Systems' facility at Rochester, where all the electronic bits and bobs for basically every British (and some American) combat aircraft get made. Although we've got some exciting stuff with Terminator helmets and horrifically expensive flight simulators in the works, we thought we'd kick off with a tour of the factory, where all the top-secret stuff is actually built. Read More >>