French Designers Want £1,700 for an Ikea Bag

This blue thing here is the Balenciaga Arena tote, a posh leather bag for rich people to keep iPhones, drugs and tiny dogs in. The crazy news is that it costs around £1,700 and seems to be based on the classic 40p Ikea Frakta holdall. Read More >>

Apple Unveils Bag

Silicon Valley is the capital of disruption. It’s the epicentre of the innovation earthquake. It’s the leader of the new way forward. And Apple, as the industry’s Think Different darling, is at the forefront of the revolution. So much so, in fact, that it decided a patent a sweet bag. Read More >>

The Contents of an Olympics Photographer’s Bag

If you've ever wondered what it might be like to be a photographer at a major sporting event, Pop Photo has the next best thing: an in-depth interview with Getty photographer Streeter Lecka, who's going to be shooting the London Olympics in intimate detail. Read More >>

I’m the Guy Who Made Crisp Bags So Impossible to Open

I'm that guy. The guy that everyone hates. The guy who made it so difficult to open your bag of potato chips. And this is the story of how, when, and why I did it. Read More >>

My CES Bag – What I Need to Survive

Here comes CES and it's no cakewalk, let me tell you. It's more often like a slow-moving mosh pit than a electronics show, so the gear we carry can mean the difference between a smooth expo experience and utter failure. Read More >>

Bum-Bag Sets off More Than Fashion Alarms

Bum-bag technology has been stagnant for the past few decades. With the new iSafe personal alarm Waist Pack hitting the market soon, the official bag of summer trips to Branson Missouri is back on the fast track. Read More >>