Airpaq, the Upcycled Car Seatbelt and Airbag Rucksack

Of the thousands of quirky rucksacks to have appeared on Kickstarter in the last 48 hours, this one has the most potential to bestow an aura of interestingness onto its wearer. It's made from seatbelts and old car airbags, and who wouldn't want to close a rucksack with a satisfying clunk-click? Read More >>

French Designers Want £1,700 for an Ikea Bag

This blue thing here is the Balenciaga Arena tote, a posh leather bag for rich people to keep iPhones, drugs and tiny dogs in. The crazy news is that it costs around £1,700 and seems to be based on the classic 40p Ikea Frakta holdall. Read More >>

Brilliant Space Invaders Backpack Straps a Miniature Arcade Cabinet to Your Back

Let’s get the bad news out of the way first. This Space Invaders-themed backpack only looks like a miniature replica of an arcade machine—it doesn’t actually let you play the classic video game that has you fending off alien invaders. But we’ll happily turn a blind eye to that oversight, because everything else about this pack is fantastic. Read More >>

There’s a Reflector Built Right Into this Camera Bag

If you’re not careful, photography can become a black hole of never-ending accessories and camera gear that you can never escape. You don’t always need to bring along an entire studio’s worth of gear to get a great shot, and Betabrand is making it even easier to travel light with a new camera bag featuring a reflector built right in. Read More >>

There’s Finally a Perfect Photography Backpack

I have a bag problem. It’s rivalled only by my shoes and my jacket problems. I collect the things. I throw away too much money every year on the quest for the perfect bag for travel, or every day, or evening, or conventions. I have four different bags just for lugging my camera equipment around. But I only have one backpack in regular use (the other is from school and covered in X-Files quotes). It’s specifically a backpack for cameras, and unless I need to haul a multitude of lenses around it never leaves my closet. Read More >>

The Gadget-Charging MOS Pack Is My New Favourite Travel Companion

Finding a backpack designed to protect and carry all of your tech isn’t terribly hard these days. What sets the MOS Pack apart is that it can can also help keep all of your gear charged. Read More >>

England’s 5p Carrier Bag Charge Reduced Numbers Used by SIX BILLION

The government has released some stats covering the plastic shopping bag charge that was recently extended to cover England, revealing that a really quite unfathomable six billion fewer bags were used by shoppers in England as a result of the introduction of the 5p charge. Read More >>

This Retractable Backpack Brings Your Camera to You

A backpack’s a great way to carry a bunch of stuff while keeping your arms free. That’s why they can be a great photography accessory. The fact that it’s always out of reach on your back is annoying, though. This is surely why Wolffepack has created a photography-focused pack you can access without having to remove it. Read More >>

This North Face Backpack is Ideal For Your Hike to Work but Not Up a Mountain

Once a brand tailored to those who’d rather spend their weekends exploring the great outdoors than bingeing on Netflix, North Face is now creating packs designed for those who only ever hike to work. Its new Access Pack is engineered to safely carry and provide quick access to all of your gadgets. The backpack excels at that — but not much else. Read More >>

A Rear Opening on Manfrotto’s New Pack Protects Camera Gear From Thieves

If you’ve ever found yourself crammed into a packed tube carriage, right up against another rider’s backpack, you’ve probably realised just how easy it could be to sneak open a pocket and swipe something. So to help protect expensive photography gear, Manfrotto’s new backpack makes lenses and cameras only accessible while the pack is removed. Read More >>

star wars
A Wookiee Was Probably Shaved So You Could Have a Chewbacca Shoulder Bag

We’re never able to catch a glimpse of what’s inside the bag that Chewbacca carried in the original Star Wars. Maybe it was full of tools? Or ammo? Or snacks? But you could stash all of the above in this Chewbacca shoulder bag that looks like it might actually be made from shaved Wookiees. Read More >>

These Pantone Bags Put Some Designer Colour on Your Back

If you need a little more colour in your luggage selection, one of these Pantone bags from Redland London could be just the trick. Don’t worry: they come in more than just the primary colours. Read More >>

Your Next Heist Needs This Tracker-Blocking Cash Carrying Bag

If Ocean’s Eleven taught us anything, it’s that planning a heist is tough but undeniably entertaining. The authorities have all kinds of devices that can be used to track your stolen loot, so item number one on your planning list should be this cash-carrying sack that blocks any and all wireless tracking signals. Read More >>

Wolffepack Rucksack Review: An “Orbital” Bag With Engineering Smarts

The winner of multiple design awards, the Wolffepack rucksack is a Kickstarter success story, winning over backers with a novel design that looked to re-invent the backpack. A well-executed pitch won even us over, but is the Wolffepack a solution looking for a problem? Is there really all that much wrong with a bog-standard bag? Read More >>

How to Beat England’s 5p Shopping Bag Charge

England has joined Wales and Scotland in charging shoppers 5p a time for plastic bags from today, in a hope that it'll reduce the supply of a staggering 7.6bn carrier bags that are used each year to carry our stuff home. Read More >>