‘Men Preferred’: New Report Reveals Sexist Job Ads From Top Chinese Tech Companies

It’s no secret that being a woman in tech comes with its discriminatory disadvantages, but a new report from the Human Rights Watch reveals that in China, recruiting tactics are troublingly sexist. According to the 99-page report published on Monday, Chinese tech companies including Alibaba, Tencent, and Baidu openly discriminate in job ads, noting that they prefer male candidates while objectifying female employees as a way to lure men to the company. Read More >>

The Company That Got the iPhone 6 Banned in Beijing ‘Barely Exists’

Last week a Chinese company named Shenzhen Baili Marketing Services Co successfully sued Apple for infringing on its smartphone design with the iPhone 6. But according to a new report by the Wall Street Journal, that company suing Apple barely even exists. Read More >>

Baidu’s Testing a Self-Driving Car and Samsung is Building Autonomous Car Parts 

Asian tech giants are scrabbling to join the autonomous car race. A pair of new announcements reveal that Baidu has successfully tested a self-driving BMW in China, while Samsung has decided to begin production of components for use in autonomous vehicles. Read More >>

Chinese Internet Giant is Building a Stealthy Smart Bike

While Google busies itself with building cars that can drive themselves, China's equivalent – Baidu — is building this super-cool smart bike. Not as complex perhaps, but a damn sight more practicable. Read More >>

Smart Chopsticks That Test Your Food for Contamination

Recently, Stephen Colbert lampooned gadgets that track what you drink and other seemingly inane metrics. But the trend may have just found its ideal market. The Chinese search giant Baidu just introduced a pair of "smart chopsticks" designed to alert users to the presence of "gutter oil," or the illegal use of oil dredged up from unsavoury places. Read More >>

The Chinese Equivalent of Google Is Trying to Make the Chinese Equivalent of Google Glass Because Of Course

Baidu, the Chinese search engine used in China, is reportedly working on a Chinese version of Google Project Glass that'll be called Baidu Eye. Because OF COURSE they would. It makes perfect sense for knockoff Google to knock off Project Glass, right? Read More >>

Staff of China’s Biggest Search Engine Delete User Content For Cash

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Baidu, China's biggest search company, is sacking staff because they've been deleting users' posts for cash. Read More >>