Discovery of 14,000-Year-Old Toast Suggests Bread Can Be Added to Paleo Diet

Archaeologists have uncovered the earliest evidence of bread-making at a site in northeastern Jordan. Dating back some 14,400 years, the discovery shows that ancient hunter-gatherers were making and eating bread 4,000 years before the Neolithic era and the introduction of agriculture. So much for the “Paleo Diet” actually being a thing. Read More >>

Aerosol Cake Batter is Real Now and Nothing Will Ever Be the Same

Just when you thought that mankind's genius could stretch no further, a solid year of research has given birth to a new apex in cake innovation. Friends, say hello to Spray Cake, the Harvard-bred cake batter in a can. Read More >>

Embossed Rolling Pins Let Bakers Sign Their Creations

Painters always sign their canvases, so why shouldn't bakers—proud of their tasty treats—not sign their work as well? But since pens don't work on dough, and markers are probably an even worse idea, Etsy seller Zuzia Zuber will create a custom rolling pin for you, embossed with a repeating pattern of "made by (your name here)." Read More >>

The Chemistry of Baking Cookies

Shove a tray of dough into the oven and something magical happens: that raw mixture of ingredients is transformed into a delightful circle of deliciousness, a cookie. If you've ever wondered exactly what science was behind baking, though, this video explains. Read More >>

What Is a Cronut, and Why Is Greggs Making Its Own Version, the Greggsnut?

The cronut must be the most over-hyped food product since the cupcake...but that doesn't mean I haven't stopped fantasising even once about the original cronut, invented by the New York bakery Dominique Ansel. It's had publications writing breathless reports about its supply-and-demand issues; the long lines and inevitable black market; the new must-eat flavours (fig and marscapone!); the girls digging through rubbish for cronut-scraps, oh, and the dozens of cronut rip-offs and homages. But what is a cronut? Read More >>

This Astronomically Correct Jupiter Cake Is a Gas

Not only is this Jupiter cake just a marvellous sight, it's an astronomically correct model of Jupiter. Read More >>

A See-Through Convection Oven Reveals the Mysteries Of Cooking

If you dropped out of school after year 2 and have subsequently wondered what happens between the time you put raw ingredients into an oven, and when they come out as golden delicacies, here's your chance to rule out elves and magic. This countertop halogen convection oven promises to heat food as fast as a microwave, while providing an unobstructed 360 degree view of what's inside so you'll know exactly when something starts burning. Read More >>

Bake Up an LCD Display Cake With This Pixelated Pan

If you're an amateur baker who's mastered the sheet cake, this alphanumeric grid pan will let you take your creations one step further by turning them into low-res numbers and letters. All you need to do is arrange the included square metal duividers to create negative spaces in the pan that form characters. Read More >>

Why Not Build This Year’s Gingerbread House Using CAD and Lasers?

We've all seen our fair share of crooked gingerbread houses, daubed with frosting to the point where they look less like a building and more like a bomb site. Johan von Konow has a solution to that problem, though: design the building using CAD and manufacture it using laser cutters. Read More >>

A Self-Adjusting Measuring Spoon For Insanely Meticulous Chefs

Baking requires considerably more precision and attention to detail than simply cooking up a meal. If you don't follow a recipe exactly, your creation just won't turn out properly. So this self-measuring spoon will either appeal to bakers who are incredibly detail-oriented, incredibly obsessive, or incredibly inept in the kitchen. Read More >>

For the Gluten-Intolerant, a Better-Tasting Bread. Finally.

As a baby, I was diagnosed with celiac disease—my body is unable to process gluten, the protein found in wheat, barley, rye, and malt, that gives bread its elastic quality. If I eat it, I throw up, so I avoid gluten entirely. It's mostly easy; I just avoid breaded foods and, sadly, beer. Read More >>