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Video Shows Off the Relationship Between Dance and Architecture

The concept behind the short film “Fabricating Performance” by the Interactive Architecture Lab and the study that surrounds it concerns reciprocation in design. Read More >>

This Ballet With Humans And Robots is Sweet and Slightly Scary

Right now, you can watch human and robots perform ballet together at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, in a piece called “Robot.” It’s about humans teaching robots to dance, though the small mechanical creatures aren’t able to replace their fleshbag teachers quite yet. Read More >>

The Hours Gracefully (and Vaguely) Tick by on This Ballet Clock

If your average work day feels like an un-choreographed dance of chaos, perhaps this graceful wall clock will bring some peace of mind while you wait for five o'clock to roll around. The Dancing Wall Clock's hands have been replaced with segments of a ballerina, resulting in an endless series of poses and pirouettes while they rotate about its face. Read More >>

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This Robotic Camera Will Make You Feel Like Part of a Ballet Performance

Watching ballet on TV doesn't provide nearly as satisfying an experience as seeing it performed in person—at least using traditional filming techniques. Director Tarik Abdel-Gawad has taken a radical new approach to capturing footage of a ballet performance, using a motion-control camera on a robot arm that's been choreographed as part of the routine. Read More >>

These Mesmerising Photos Capture Dynamic Ballet Dancers in Midair

Ballet dancers have an uncanny ability to give gravity the finger while effortlessly doing things with their limbs that normal folks will literally *never* be able to manage. Often their manoeuvres are too quick to catch with the naked eye, but Jesus Chapa-Malacara has managed a sweet way to show every step from start to finish. Read More >>