Latest Twitter Buyout Rumours Point to… Giant Unicorn-Slayer Steve Ballmer

Former Microsoft enthusiasm battering ram Steve Ballmer is the latest tech giant to be connected to a possible acquisition of Twitter, with rumours linking Ballmer to the perpetually-for-sale social site causing its share price to rocket by seven per cent yesterday. Read More >>

Five People, Including Stephen Elop, Make the Microsoft CEO X Factor Shortlist

Microsoft is believed to have whittled its shortlist of Ballmer replacements down to just five, with former MS employee and Nokia manager Stephen Elop making the cut and proceeding to next week's live elimination dance-off to become the new Microsoft CEO. Read More >>

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Watch Bawling Ballmer’s Emotional Farewell to Microsoft

Steve Ballmer has (almost!) left the building! The outgoing Microsoft CEO held his final meeting as head of the Redmond company last week. Many a tear was shed, and many a classic pop tune was played. Watch its emotional conclusion in the clip above. [The Verge] Read More >>

Microsoft’s Done Letting Apple Walk All Over It

The days of Microsoft just sitting back and letting its hardware partners fail to take the fight to its competitors are over. Steve Ballmer has declared that Microsoft's in it to win it, and isn't going lay down and let Apple stamp all over the phone and tablet market any more. Read More >>