Watch a Massive Sinkhole Swallow a Minivan

Downtown Ottawa – Canada's southeastern capital – is the latest city to remove cars from its streets. Actually it’s just a single minivan. That got sucked into the bowels of the Earth. Read More >>

You Might Not Able to Buy a Petrol-Powered Car in Norway After 2025

The oil-rich nation of Norway could be the first country to ban petrol-powered cars for good. Read More >>

Paris Is Now Banning All Pre-1997 Cars

Paris has tried just about everything to combat its terrible smog problem. The city has launched attempts to take half the cars off its road, introduce regular car-free days, and close famous streets to vehicular traffic—but Paris still has some of the worst pollution in Europe. Now a much bigger idea is going into effect: Kicking the oldest cars out of the city. Read More >>

How Likely You Are to Get Killed by a Car, Depending on Its Speed

It’s simple physics really: The faster a car is going when it hits you, the more likely you’re going to get killed. But there’s a correlation between the speed of the car and the likelihood you’ll be killed, especially when you take age into consideration. Just 5 mph can make a dramatic difference in whether you live or die. Read More >>

Paris is Giving Half of its Legendary Roundabouts Back to People

When you think of Paris, you probably think of narrow, tree-lined streets. But consider some of its most famous monuments: they’re ringed by several lanes of busy vehicular traffic. Now the city is promising at least half of that space will go to pedestrians instead of cars. Read More >>

This Is the Totally Wrong Way to Think About Self-Driving Cars

I’m no fan of cars, as you might have guessed from some of my previous stories. But I do believe that better technology—namely the kind that will prevent humans from driving them—can make cars, and our world, better. Read More >>

Delhi’s Car Ban Experiment Didn’t Improve Air Quality That Much, But it Should Still Be Permanent

Earlier this year Delhi’s air pollution was so bad that the government banned half its cars from streets for 15 days. The policymaker who came up with the idea says the ban should be 365 days a year—but not because it improved air quality all that much. Read More >>

Ford Is Finally Thinking Beyond Cars

Cars were a great idea until they started to destroy civilisation. Now the inventor of that technology is busy working on the next big transportation idea, one that might not kill us all. Yes, the American automaker is spending big bucks to help you get around—even if it’s not in a Ford. Read More >>

In Pictures: Delhi Still Chokes on Smog Despite Banning Half its Cars 

On January 1st, Delhi enacted a two-week pilot project allowing private cars on the roads only on alternate days in order to reduce pollution. As the experiment comes to a close, the city is still choking on smog. Read More >>

Now India’s Airpocalypse is So Bad, it’s Banning Half the Cars in Delhi

Last week Milan became the latest city to banish cars from streets to curb its horrible smog. On January 1, Delhi joined the club with its own vehicle restrictions, but the challenge before the chronically polluted Indian city is much much greater. Will a every-other-day ban on cars be any help? Read More >>