Microsoft Just Killed Its Awful Fitness Tracker

It lived a short, pathetic, inconspicuous life, and now it’s probably going away forever. Microsoft has pulled listings of its fitness tracker—the Band 2—from its online store. In a statement given to ZDNet, the company says it has sold existing inventory of the Band 2, and it has no plans to release a new version of the fitness tracker. Here’s the full statement: Read More >>

Microsoft’s Heart Rate-Reading, Stress-Sensing Fitness Band is Official

After a series of leaks yesterday, the Microsoft Band, a 10-sensor fitness tracker which should last two days on a charge, is officially official and goes on sale today. Read More >>

Jam With Chrome Turns Your Browser Into a Garage Band

Sitting at a desk working is not the same as living the childhood dream of playing in a rock band. But now you can relive those adolescent ideas by jamming with your friends in Chrome, courtesy of Google. Read More >>