Google’s New App Stops Your Android Phone From Sucking Up Too Much Data

With all the streaming, Instagramming, and everything else people are doing on their phones, your monthly allotment of data just doesn’t last as long as it used to, especially if you’re on one of those family plans with a shared data pool. And while most phones have some rudimentary tools for tracking how much internet you’re downloading, Google thought it could do better, so it created Datally. Read More >>

Vodafone App Lets Parents Throttle Their Kids (‘ Internet Connections)

A new Vodafone app will soon let the person in charge of the home internet play God with the connection speed, introducing the power to limit the bandwidth used by children streaming braying YouTube idiots to their tablets so the adults of the house can conduct their important Facebook business quicker. Read More >>

Netflix Responsible for 17.8 Per Cent of Peak UK and Ireland Web Traffic

Sandvine just released its twice yearly report on internet traffic, and it's a doozy. While it's no surprise to see mobile growing and Snapchat kicking ass, it's a little bit mind-bending to learn that binge-watching streaming addicts gobble up a huge percentage of all bandwidth in the UK and Ireland. Read More >>

Facebook and Google are Buying Up the Cables That Carry the Internet

It can get a little bit annoying when people ramble on about how Facebook and Google are taking over the world. They're just websites! But when those websites start to buy up other things, say, the very cables that connect the people of the world—well that's actually pretty alarming. Read More >>

How a Simple Circuit Breakthrough Could Double Your Bandwidth

As we all desperately claw after more bandwidth to sate our unquenchable thirst for data, there may yet be an oddly affordable solution; a simple piece of circuitry and software that can double bandwidth in the blink of an eye. Read More >>

Corkscrew Lasers Are About to Speed Up the Internet

We transmit almost a thousand petabytes of data over the ‘nets every month—an amount that’s growing exponentially, thanks to your narcissistic obsession with Snapchat. In fact, we’re quickly closing in on the limits of how much data optical fiber can transmit. Luckily, scientists at Boston University recently unveiled what could be the next generation of bandwidth tech. Read More >>

EU to Ban ISP Throttling and Site Blocking as Part of Cross-European Net Neutrality Laws

European vice president Neelie Kroes is looking to block some of the more anti-competitive practices carried out by ISPs, thanks to a proposed EU-wide net neutrality law that would stop ISPs limiting bandwidth used by troublesome or competitive apps and services. Read More >>

Paired Fibre Beams Boost Range and Speed of Fibre Networks to Colossal 400Gbps

Some clever research into boosting fibre optic speeds has managed to increase the range and capacity of fibre, thanks to sending two data streams down the pipe instead of one. Read More >>

How Sending Mirror Image Signals Could Speed Up the Internet

A team of researchers has developed a technique which uses mirror images signals to dramatically increase the accuracy—and speed—of data transmission across the internet. Read More >>

A Staggering 40 Per Cent of Peak EU Internet Traffic Is Just Us Streaming Telly and Films

The demand for "real time" streaming media is pushing ISPs like never before, with new stats claiming an average 40 per cent of all peak internet traffic in Europe is generated by demand for music and video streams. And in some countries it accounts for as much as half of all network traffic. Read More >>

Why You Shouldn’t Forget About Latency

If your internet connection leaves you constantly waiting for streams to buffer, you probably love nothing more than to bitch and gripe about bandwidth. But easy there, tiger, because your issue could be a much more fundamental issue that everyone seems to have forgotten about: latency. Read More >>

How FedEx Has More Bandwidth Than the Internet — and When That’ll Change

If you're looking to trasnfer hundreds of gigabytes of data, it's still — weirdly — faster to ship hard drives via FedEx than it is to transfer the files over the internet. But why is that, and when will it change? Read More >>

Simple Router Software Could Boost Public Wi-Fi Throughput By 700 Per Cent

Using public Wi-Fi is a hit-and-miss endeavour: sometime's its perfect, at others it's bogged down so much as to be worthless. Fortunately a team of researchers has hit on a solution that can improve throughput by 700 per cent — and because it's software-based, it won't even need any new hardware to have us all contentedly online. Read More >>

Scientists Promise Ten Times More Bandwidth With No New Hardware

A team of researchers promises it can increase wireless bandwidth by an order or magnitude, without any new hardware whatsoever. All that's required, it claims, is a little extra maths. Read More >>

The Pasta-Shaped Radio Waves That Promise Infinite Bandwidth

Try sending a text message at midnight on New Year's Eve, and you'll struggle: there's too much data and not enough bandwidth to cope with it. But now a team of researchers have developed twisted radio waves inspired by pasta, which could allow a "potentially infinite" number of channels to be broadcast simultaneously. Read More >>