Gotham’s Version of Bane Looks Like a Mortal Kombat Character Puked Up a Terminator

One of the most intriguing additions coming to the fifth and final season of Gotham is Batman’s longtime comic book nemesis, Bane. Well, the first look at the character has now been officially revealed, and what can we say? It’s a choice. Read More >>

Hello, You’ve Reached Gotham’s Reckoning. How May I Direct Your Call?

How many times has this happened to you? You’re trying to organise the destruction of a major metropolitan area and the overthrow of a system you view as irredeemably corrupt, but you keep having to step out of the office to take a call. That problem is no more thanks to Bloxvox, the voice muffling muzzle that lets you plot to fulfill Ra’s al Ghul’s destiny from the comfort of your desk. Read More >>

Unlucky Moped Thief Gets Nabbed By Tom Hardy

A moped thief who ran a red light on the stolen vehicle before crashing into someone's Mercedes presumably got the shock of his life when Tom actual Hardy pelted after him, scaling garden walls and a building site before catching the scoundrel and handing him to police. Read More >>

Check Out Bane Adjusting to Life After The Dark Knight Rises

We kind of liked The Dark Knight Rises, and many of us also became quite fond of Bane, despite not being able to understand what the heck he was on about most of the time. Well, a few things here and there. So, anyway, here's a video of him by the funny folks at Funny or Die that depicts a day in the life of Bane, after Batman. [Funny or Die via Nerd Approved] Read More >>