Facebook and Twitter Purge Hundreds of Fake Accounts Linked to Russia, Iran, and Venezuela

Twitter and Facebook both announced on Thursday that they’ve recently removed hundreds of accounts tied to misinformation campaigns with links to Russia, Venezuela, and Iran. Facebook’s Head of Cybersecurity Policy Nathaniel Gleicher said in a call with reporters that the companies were able to identify bad actors on their respective platforms through ongoing information-swapping, the Hill reported Thursday. Read More >>

Bangladesh Bank Hackers Created Malware to Target the Global SWIFT Payment System

The hackers behind a large-scale Bangladesh bank hack went further than simply stealing money. Now it turns out that they created malware that could compromise the internationally used SWIFT payment system. Read More >>

‘Tree Man’ With Bark-Like Warts to Undergo Life-Changing Surgery

Abul Bajandar is set to undergo major surgery to have a number of massive, bark-like warts removed from his hands, legs and feet. The 26-year-old, who you may know better as the ‘Tree man’, suffers from epidermodysplasia verruciformis, an incredibly rare skin disease that makes the person susceptible to unusual growths. As far as we know, only two other people on the planet have been diagnosed with the condition. Read More >>

Bangladesh Bans Facebook, WhatsApp to Stop “Criminals”

Last week, the government of Bangladesh ordered ISPs to ban Facebook and other social media. In the chaos that followed, the entire country lost internet access for over an hour. Read More >>

Scientist Discovers How to Clean Up Poison Water With Whisky Leftovers

Alcohol may not solve all our problems, but it can solve at least one: A researcher in Scotland has found a way to purify arsenic tainted water with the barley husks leftover from making whiskey. Read More >>