England’s Paper Fiver Dies Today

Today's the day that the previous, vegan version of the Bank of England's five pound note ceases to be legal tender, with on-the-ball shops likely to refuse to take them from now on if you try to pay for your sad meal deal with one. Read More >>

Bank Glitch Allows Man to Spend Nearly £800,000 and Walk Away Free

Normally a glitch is a bad thing. Maybe it means your video game character gets stuck in a wall or maybe a glitch gets you wrongfully arrested. For an Australian man named Luke Moore, a simple bank glitch meant that he was able to blow $1.3 million on cars, travel, strippers and drugs over the course of two years. Read More >>

An £55m Bank Hack Has Been Blamed on Cheap Routers

Sometimes it pays to spend. The central bank of Bangladesh has found that out the hard way, as police are blaming its loss of the equivalent of £55m during a hack on cheap routers worth about £7. Read More >>

Careless Typo Derails £600m Hacker Bank Job

Hackers said to have stolen around $80m (£60m) from Bangladesh's central bank could've multiplied their take by ten, had one of the crew not managed to spell "foundation" wrong in one of the rogue money transfer out requests. Read More >>

London’s “Dysfunctional” Bank Junction Closes to Cars Next Year

The City of London Corporation, which coordinates activities in the posh/money bit of London to the east of the middle there, is taking drastic action to clean up the intersection around Bank -- with everything except buses and leg-powered things to be banned from the area next year. Read More >>

Lowry Tipped to Win Arty £20 Note Battle

In an attempt to fend off another sexist-money online outrage, the Bank of England is asking the general public to suggest ideas for the face of the new English £20 note. So expect to see a talking cat from a mobile phone advert or Rihanna on our future money. Read More >>

Barclays Goes Biometric to Help Keep Your Shameful Overdraft Details Secret

That businessman there is conducting his business fractions of a second faster than his competitors, thanks to the Barclays Biometric Reader; a finger scanner that does away with the need for PINs and passwords and trying to remember what your safe word is when logging in to your banking site. Read More >>

Rubbish Robber Leaves ID at Scene of Failed Crime

Felipe Cruz made two critical errors when trying to rob his local Chase Bank in Florida. One was taking a gun to a branch fitted with bulletproof glass, the other was writing his money demands on a piece of paper that had his job search results on the back. Read More >>

Britain’s New Bank is Already Having IT Fails

You may have heard that some five million people who previously banked with Lloyd's have been forcibly transferred to a new spin-off, TSB. To ease the pain, customers were promised a 'seamless' transition -- which is funny, because on the very first morning, the bank's internet services were borked. Read More >>

Mathematical Proof That Robbing Banks Doesn’t Make Economic Sense

If you're struggling for cash, maybe the idea of robbing a bank has idly entered your mind. Don't do it! Because a new study by a team of economists shows that it doesn't make any financial sense whatsoever. Read More >>

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The Vault Door That Has Been Guarding Coca-Cola’s Secret Formula Since 1925

Take a look at the new steel door that is now protecting one of the world's closest guarded secrets, perhaps only second to Elvis Presley's current secret identity and location. It's the Coca-Cola vault, the new centrepiece of the World of Coca-Cola museum in downtown Atlanta. Read More >>