Researchers Unearth New Malware Designed to Make Cash Machines Spew Out Cash

Researchers have recently discovered new kind of “jackpotting” malware—the sole purpose of which is forcing cash machines to spit out huge volumes of cash. Read More >>

CES 2018: This Cellular-Connected Smart Credit Card Can Show You How Much Money You’ve Got Left to Spend

Unlike banks in the UK, where chip-and-pin and contactless payment technologies are the norm, big banks in the US have been very slow to adopt new credit and debit card technologies, with secure chip cards only being introduced in the past few years. Which is tragic, because Dynamics is introducing a new connected credit card with a cellular chip inside, and an E-Ink display, that’s no thicker than the cards already in your wallet. Read More >>

Researchers Just Developed a New Tool to Identify Security Holes in Banking Apps

Gone are the days of queuing up at the bank all day to get things done, because we have apps to do most of that stuff for us. When it comes to the bank, security is everything - regardless of whether we're talking about a vault or the electronic systems. The bad news is that no electronic system is 100 per cent secure, but the good news is that researchers have a semi-autonomous tool that can help identify them. Read More >>

CEO of Nordic Region’s Biggest Bank: Robots Will Replace Many of My Employees

If you’re like most people, you do not like the financial industry, perhaps because they crashed the national economy nearly a decade ago and the vast majority of the recovery went to the already rich. Well, some news from the Nordic region: Our new robot overlords might wipe the billion-pound grin off the industry’s face in the coming years. Read More >>

Flashlight Apps Snuck Malware Into Google’s Play Store, Targeting Bank Accounts

Active on Google Play Store as recently as last Friday, a mobile banking trojan infected thousands of users who thought they were downloading games or innocent-looking apps, according to research published by a trio of cybersecurity firms. Read More >>

HSBC’s New App Lets You See All Your Bank Accounts in One Place

Chances are you have more than one bank account, a current account and a savings account perhaps. Maybe a joint account with your partner. The problem is that the best deals come from separate banks, making it a bit of a chore to keep on top of it all. Especially in the age of mobile banking when every bank and building society has their own app. Well HSBC is looking to change that. Read More >>

Siri Can Now Do Your Barclays Banking For You

If you fall into the centre of a Venn diagram that covers Barclays bank customers and iPhone users, then I've got some great (?) news for you: you can now instruct Siri to make payments for you. Read More >>

TSB and Samsung Launch Iris-Scanning Account Logins

The subset of UK civilians that own a Samsung Galaxy 8 and have a TSB bank account are going to have a fun toy to play with this September, as the bank and the phone maker are teaming up to allow iris identification to access their account details. Read More >>

Hacker Jailed for Stealing £100k to Pay for a BMW and Face Tattoos

A UK-based hacker has been found guilty of stealing nearly £100,000 from accounts held by Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banking Group, money he used to buy a BMW and a Range Rover, before underlining his stupidity by getting a tattoo on his face. Read More >>

UK Banks Ordered to be More App-Friendly by 2018

The Competition and Markets Authority has finished its two-year sighing and meetings process looking at the state of the UK banking sector, with one key conclusion being that the banks aren't trying hard enough to compete with each other via their mobile options. So the CMA would like them all to push app connectivity much harder. Read More >>

Barclays to Drop Telephone Banking Passwords for Voice Recognition This Week

In a move designed to make telephone banking both slicker and more secure, Barclays is to start replacing passwords with voice recognition technology for customers this week. Read More >>

Bank Transactions Should be Delayed to Protect the Vulnerable, Says Report

An organisation looking at ways to reduce banking fraud -- particularly among elderly and vulnerable groups -- says there should be an option to enforce a delay on the processing of all large transactions, with the mooted system including a notification being sent to an elected carer of family member to make sure that grandad really was trying to transfer £10,000 into an online casino wallet. Read More >>

There’s Been Another Bank Breach Like the One Carried Out By the Typo Hackers

Earlier this year, a team of hackers tried to steal vast quantities of cash using vulnerabilities in the Swift international payment system. Now, another similar hack has occurred. Read More >>

Meet Atom, the UK’s First Digital-Only Bank

When was the last time you actually went into your local bank branch? That time you needed to change your address? Or perhaps just after your birthday so you could deposit a cheque from your grandma. Do we even need bank branches? Not according to Atom, the first digital-only bank in the UK. Read More >>

Careless Typo Derails £600m Hacker Bank Job

Hackers said to have stolen around $80m (£60m) from Bangladesh's central bank could've multiplied their take by ten, had one of the crew not managed to spell "foundation" wrong in one of the rogue money transfer out requests. Read More >>